Sausage Making

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Sausage Making
Sausage Making.png

"Crank of lever,
Pull of pork,
Split the bone,
Wield the fork."

LP Cost 1200
Animal Husbandry, Farming
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked None
Required By (31) Badger Botillo, Bear Salami, Beaver Dog, Big Bear Banger, Boar Baloney, Boar Boudin, Bulldog, Butcher's Surprise, Cavedog, Chicken Chorizo, Cow Chorizo, Delicious Deer Dog, Elk Dog, Fox Fuet, Fox Wurst, Glazed Grazer Dog, Hedgedog, Jelly Casing, King of the Woods, Lamb & Lynx, Lamb Sausages, Lynxalami, Meatgrinder, Moodog, Piglet Wursts, Running Rabbit Sausage, Stitched Casing, Swan Neck, Tame Game Liverwurst, Wolfdog, Wonderful Wilderness Wurst
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"Your mind has begun salivating at the prospect of turning red meat and casings into some of the most succulent, delightful, morsels imaginable."

What it does

This skill allows you to grind meat in the Meatgrinder and stuff animal casings to make a variety of sausages.


Sausage Making is softcapped by cooking and dexterity.