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This category is used to list all weapons.

Melee Damage Formula

, where ql is the quality of the weapon.

The base damage of a Soldier's Sword is 400. For a 65ql Soldier's Sword wielded by someone with 319 Strength, their damage would be calculated by: damage = 400 * sqrt(sqrt(65 * 319) / 10), which comes out to 1517.

The defense consumed by an attack is , where AW is your attack's weight, and BW is the enemy's maneuver's weight. Your attack weight is multiplied by from 0.5 to 2.0, depending on the combat advantage. See Combat Actions for the weights of various moves.

Ranged Weapons Formulas

  • The aim speed is determined by the Vitality quality of the weapon and Marksmanship level of the character.

The exact formulas are unknown (to the author of this section) and could be weapon dependent.

WeaponDamageArmor PenetrationEquip SlotsSize (x×y)
Battleaxe of the Twelfth Bay150105L and 5R6
Boar Spear80155L and 5R3
Bronze Sword9012.55L or 5R2
Butcher's Cleaver45205L or 5R1
Ceramic Knife30155L or 5R1
Cutblade135105L and 5R3
Cutthroat Knuckles54L1
Flint Knife40155L or 5R1
Fyrdsman's Sword100105L or 5R2
Hirdsman's Sword1257.55L or 5R2
Hunter's Bow305L and 5R2
Lynx Claw Gloves44L1
Metal Axe455L or 5R1
Ranger's Bow6055L and 5R2
Sling15205L or 5R1
Stone Axe305L or 5R1
Tinker's Throwing Axe405L or 5R1
Woodsman's Axe55205L or 5R2