Deep Artifice

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Deep Artifice
Deep Artifice.png

"The Great Clockwork of the Hearth,
Tells the time of all times,
Ticks the sun, moves the beast, draws forth the plants to eat."

LP Cost 150000
Farming, Basic Mechanics, Metallurgy,Tunneling
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked Gilding Song, Star Gaze
Required By (4) Hermine Cloak, Mine Beam, Still, Turpentine
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"You have seen far beyond the mundane trivialities of petty craftsmanship, and your thoughts seek in all matters of artifice the eternal. You enjoy the greatest possible success when mining and forging wrought iron."

Deep Artifice allows you to get more metal from smelting Ore, and assures the greatest possible chance of forging Wrought Iron. It is the final of the skills that every dedicated miner ought to have, the others being Tunneling, Steelmaking and Metallurgy.

Unlocks the "Gilding Song" and "Star Gaze" Hearth Magic.