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"Caroubdin, High King
Demanded of his mountain realm,
In the third month of the Conflux,
Red Gold, and Blue steel."

LP Cost 6000
Deep Artifice
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked Dig Deeper
Required By (2) Mine Elevator, Stone Column
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"You have begun getting to know the mountain, its ways and means, and its cruel, fickle whims. You may construct stone columns to support your mining operations, and you find better ores when mining."

What it does

Tunneling allows you to get more metal from smelting Ore, and allows you to construct Stone Columns. Stone columns have a larger radius than Mine Supports, so it is advised to take this skill to save some metal on building supports. It is one of the skills that every dedicated miner ought to have, the others being Metallurgy, Steelmaking and Deep Artifice.


Reason why flavor text mentions "Red Gold" is that in Norse (and many other languages until late middle ages) gold was commonly described red, not yellow. It is possible that it was to describe the warm hue that gold has.

Game Development

  • Spit'n'Polish (2015-09-17) >"Implemented a skill "Tunneling", which improves ores you find a fair bit. Metallurgy less important for ores by that same amount."