Food Trough

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Food Trough
Food Trough.png
Vital statistics
Size 3 x 1
Skill(s) Required Animal Husbandry
Object(s) Required Board x4, Block of Wood x4
Required By Swill
Repaired With Block of Wood
Can be Lifted Yes
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Icon keyboard.pngBuild > Food Trough


Domesticated animals gain food from two sources:

  • 1) The food trough: Any crop seed (not tree or bush seeds), Straw, Any edible item (including veggies, meat, sausages, cooked meals..), Raw Meat
  • 2) Moor and grassland tiles. These always count as a food unit of quality level 10.

Food Trough's Radius is 18 tiles. If the animals are inside the radius of the trough, they will eat from the trough before feeding on the grassland. The quality of the fodder from the trough is the average seed/food quality placed inside the trough. For example, if you placed items with quality 5, 12, and 16, the quality of the fodder will be 11. The trough will hold a maximum of 200L of swill.

A single vegetable, such as a carrot, will add 0.1L to the total, thus the trough could hold 2000 carrots.

A Giant Pumpkin counts as the sum of its parts when thrown into a trough (1.6L, accounting for 8 pumpkin slices and 40 seeds)

Similarly, a head of lettuce adds 0.3L, as a single leaf only adds 0.05L.

Fodder can be moved and mixed between food troughs just like liquids can in barrels - by lifting one food trough and right clicking on the other. This will move contents of the lifted one to the target, up to the maximum capacity of the latter. Food can also be transferred as swill with buckets and barrels.

Food Trough has a visual identification system that describes how full the trough is. This visual identification is divided into four stages. Stage 1 - 0% filled, 0L of swill is present. Stage 2 - (0% - 50%] filled, from ~0L to 100L of swill is present. Stage 3 - (50% - 100%) filled, from ~100L to ~200L of swill is present. Stage 4 - 100% filled, 200L of swill is present.


  • There is a trick to filling a Food Trough much more quickly than normal; Click to pick up a unit of Fodder, then with it floating on your cursor, hold down the shift key and right click the trough. As long as you keep the shift key held down, another unit of food will automatically be placed on your cursor, ready to right click again!
  • You can also use a Bucket full of seeds to rightclick the Trough and quickly convert your seeds into 10 liters of Swill.
  • Warning: Edible forageables also count as fodder, so be careful when shift-right clicking. (Like, for example, Candleberry or Bloated Bolete).
  • The Food Trough can also be filled directly using a Wheelbarrow.
  • Swill, the product of filling Food Trough can be stored in barrels and transferred between all structures which require it.


  • A full Food Trough holds 200 liters of swill, which is 10000 seeds of any type. A barrel holds either 100 liters of any liquid or 10000 seeds. That means if you plan on saving space, it is better to store your seeds in a single barrel rather than your swill in two barrels.