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Tutorial Quests

When you start a new character, you are given quests to help get you into the game. These quests introduce you to basic game mechanics and earn you a small amount of experience.

1. Burned into the World


"Your spirit has awoken to find itself floating over a cold pool of water, reflecting a vast, ancient forest. Seek the Wizard, give him your name, and walk with the flames to be burned into the world."

  • Leave the reflecting pool
  • Cross the stream of dualities
  • Give the wizard your name
  • Burn in the fire!

2. Ways in the Wild


"The air is different, and the world seems to assume a more profound sense of reality with every passing moment, as the forest before time disappears like a dream half-remembered. The vast expanses of the Hearth stretch out before you in every direction, and you are free to roam as you please. Curiosity, however, implores you to..."

  • Pick a branch
  • Learn the Foraging skill
  • Chip a stone
  • Craft a stone-axe
  • Equip the axe
  • Wanderlust: Explore further away from your hearth fire
  • Homesickness: Teleport back to your hearth fire

3. Shifting Gear


"As you explore your surroundings it occurs to you that certain essential modalities appear more fundamental to Hearthlife than others, and that those paramount few must be mastered for further insight to be possible. Somewhere in the yonder a small bird chirps, as you dreamingly begin laying plans to..."

  • Lift an object
  • Place an object
  • Acquire a stockpilable item
  • Place a stockpile
  • Run for a bit

4. Something to Eat & Drink


"All this shifting about has made you hungry, and your stomach growls to remind you that you should probably acquire some food and drink before you starve. Whenever you perform laborious tasks your energy meter depletes to refill your stamina meter. You can refill your energy by eating, and you can speed up stamina regeneration from energy by drinking water. Eating food also gives you Food event points (FEPs), and whenever your FEP-meter is full, it empties out to earn you an increase to a base attribute! You should try this stuff out, and you think you might begin with..."

  • Acquire birch bark
  • Craft a kuksa
  • Draw some water
  • Drink some water to restore stamina
  • Eat something
  • Restore energy to full by eating
  • Acquire a stat-increase by eating

Random Quests

Shortly after you finish your tutorial quests, you are given a quest to find a specific, named tree or boulder. A character must earn 10,000 LP total as seen on the character in a player's Account page on the website. The skill Hearth Magic is also required. Greeting them will give you your first procedurally generated quest. These quests involve fulfilling a small number of objectives. These objectives include, but are not limited to:

  • Greet questgiver. : This quest will have you go greet(right-click on target) a different questgiver. The new tree will usually also give you a new quest as well.
  • Wave at questgiver. : Simply use the emote at the specified tree to complete this one.
  • Craft an Artifact. : An artifact is a piece of equipment you have gilded. Later quests may require you to make gear with multiple gildings.
  • Go for a naked swim. : Requires that you remove all equipment and swim in deep water for a few tiles. Does not require you to stay swimming for very long. It is generally safe for even new characters as long as you go in with full stamina.
  • Raid an Ant Hill.
  • Hunt a specific type of animal.
  • Catch a specific type of animal.
  • Catch a large fish : Any fish larger than 1x1 will count.
  • Pick a specific foragable.
  • Visit a Cave.
  • Gain points in a skill. : Requires you to buy 1-3 points in a specific skill.
  • Gain points in an attribute. : Requires you to acquire 1-3 points in a specific attribute.
  • Deliver an item to a questgiver. : Requires you to bring(right-click with an item on a target) a random amount of random items to a questgiver.


After completing questgivers objectives(part of quest) you will be rewarded with small amount of experience, and after all tasks you will be rewarded with one of:

The quality and amount of Rewards depends on you Charisma, random, amount of objectives and distance of questgiver.


There is now a fixed amount of non-credo quests you are allowed to complete per unit of time (about 3 per RL day), but that amount is buffed while you lie below the global server leader in number of completed quests (Up to a maximum of about 12 per RL day). Some steps have also been taken to reduce the randomness in the rewards given. You can buffer a significant amount of quests, so there shouldn't be a major rush to complete them instantly. -jorb

Credo Quests

Credos have some specific type of quests unique for each type of credo, look for more detailed information here.

Ancestral Quests

Ancestral Worship is a unique type of quests started when you build and pray on Ancestral Shrine, look for more detailed information here.


  • Questing is an easy option to gather Learning Points early game, and Experience Points later.
  • Boulder questgivers can be chipped, but if you chip it down to small boulder that can be lifted - all quests involving questgiver are set to failed and boulder stopped being a questgiver.
  • Tree questgivers can be chopped, but if you chop it down - all quests involving questgiver are set to failed and stump stopped being a questgiver.
  • Personal Claim on questgiver allow people to interact with them using just a Trespassing skill, and protect it from vandals.

Game Development

  • Stacks of Shrimp (2023-10-22) >"Quests now attempt to take seasonality and availability into greater account when generating. Fewer quests should be generated off-season, and, early world, the quests should be less likely to ask for things globally undiscovered."
  • Oak Apple Gold (2018-07-17) >"Quest givers will now, occasionally, reward you for completing quests for them with a permanent, local quality increase to some particular herb."
  • Seasons Greetings (2015-12-17) >"Added quest system. When you start a new character you are given quests to help get you into the game. We've done a few to start with, and will add more continously!"