Ancestral Worship

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Ancestral Worship
Ancestral Worship.png

"In Black smoke, from wet logs,
The hour was late,
When Thangest old,
of memory late, spoke."

LP Cost 5000
Hearth Magic
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked None
Required By (1) Ancestral Shrine
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"Knowledge of Ancestral Worship opens your spiritual connection to those who have passed through the flame of life before you, to begin celebrating their cult and memory in worship. By sacrificing the appropriate offerings at an Ancestral Shrine, you will be given strange and mystical powers to manipulate the Fateweave."


Ancestral Worship allows you to sacrifice items of your ancestor's desires to an Ancestral Shrine. This gives you numen points that can be used to pray for various things. To sacrifice an item, left-click it to hold it in your hand, and then right-click the ancestral shrine.

As soon as you construct your Ancestral Shrine you will receive a quest -- For the Ancestors! -- asking you to sacrifice either one of three items. Sacrificing the primary item -- marked with a gold frame -- will net you one point of Numen, provided that the item sacrificed is of equal or higher quality to the number of Numen points you already have, and sacrificing either of the secondary items -- marked with a silver frame -- will give you a new set of sacrificial requests at no penalty, provided, again, that the item sacrificed is of equal or higher quality than the number of Numen points you already have. If you sacrifice any item of lower quality than the number of Numen points you already have, you will lose one Numen point, but receive a new set of sacrificial requests.


You get a new Prayer menu when you get enough numen for a prayer and the prayer is applicable to the character.

  • A Prayer for Opulence
    • ??? Numen points per use (requires 5 Numen for first use at least)
    • Gives you one random item from the global pool of items sacrificed to the ancestors.

  • Lament the Departed
    • 7 Numen points per use
    • Regenerate 5% of your ancestors stats per use up to 60%

  • A Prayer for Strength
    • 50 numen points per use
    • Gain the full amount of your ancestors stats + your current stats for 8 hours.

  • Plot Boost
    • 3 Numen points per use.
    • For each level of Plot Boost cast on a claim, the claim gains one point of "Siege Boost".
    • Siege Boost acts as a multiplier on the amount of time a Siege Engine needs to effectively attack targets on the claim, where each point is an additional x0.5. E.g. a battering ram would need to wait 36h, rather than 24h, to attack a claim with one extra point of "Siege Boost".
    • The first five points of "Siege Boost" are permanent, and remain forever once added. The latter five points are transient, and decay away over a few days.
    • In summary: You can boost the siege defense of any claim, causing it to require up to 5x longer drying times on siege engines before it can be attacked.

Game Development

  • Sturdy Prayer (2022-04-24) >"Added "Memories of The Seen", ancestral prayer. Restores all Discoveries previously known by your immediate ancestor."
  • Ancestral Ropewalk (2021-10-17) >"Added "Memories of War", ancestral prayer. Restores, per prayer, one tier of all Combat Moves previously known by your immediate ancestor."
  • Ancestral Ropewalk (2021-10-17) >"Added "Memories of Kin", ancestral prayer. Restores the memory of all characters memorized by your immediate ancestor, but not their Kin status."
  • World 12 (2020-03-06) >"Increased the potential recoup from a deceased ancestor's stats by 15% through ancestral worship, putting the total possible recoup at 60% of a dead character's stats. Full burial still gives 30%, and a state funeral still gives 45%, but any character can now reach up to a full 60% through ancestral worship."