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"Where Alfthing fell,
On blood-wet grass,
A broken arrow."

LP Cost 1000
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked None
Required By (9) Archery Target, Boar Spear, Bone Arrow, Hunter's Bow, Hunter's Quiver, Metal Arrow, Ranger's Bow, Sling, Stone Arrow
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"With basic mastery of Archery you can draw and fire bows, fletch arrows, and sew quivers."


  • The Archery skill allows one to make and use Bows , Sling , Boar Spear , arrows (see Bone Arrow , Stone Arrow , Metal Arrow) and quivers, and also to build Archery Targets .
  • Equipping a quiver prevents you from equipping a backpack.
    • You can still store arrows in the quiver when unequipped and have it in your inventory or belt.
  • Bow damage is based on:
    • Quality of the bow (and equal amount of Marksmanship to gain full benefit)
    • Quality and type of arrow you are using (Bone Arrow < Stone Arrow < Metal Arrow)
    • When hitting a target, a comparison is also made between the target's Agility * Marksmanship, and your Perception * Marksmanship, which can further reduce your damage.

To use a bow, equip it in both 4L and 4R hand slots. You also must have arrows in your inventory, or in a quiver. To shoot a bow, choose

Icon keyboard.pngShoot!

With the arrow cursor that showed up, left click a target. After a static hourglass timer, arrow is let loose. Currently, archery is always 100% accurate. You will always hit your target, or more specifically the ground tile you click on.


Following doesn't apply to version of Haven & Hearth at the time of writing, but is left as archival/clarity purposes (external guides referencing it could cause confusion.)

This aiming bar will appear, and begin filling:


You want to have as much of the bar filled as possible. The more you have, the better the accuracy and damage. To loose the arrow click LMB again. To withdraw the arrow click RMB.

Game Development

  • Minor Fixes (2020-02-09) >"Archery no longer has additional detrimental effects on animal quality, apart from the usual survival hardcap. Hunter's Credo effect that used to mitigate this effect now, instead, increases ranged weapon damage by +5."