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General article standards

  • All game items, in general, have their own article page.
  • The article page title should be the same as the used in-game name, including capitalization. (with some exceptions)
  • Articles page should at least use one of the available infobox template. (Usually the Infobox metaobj template. Or one of the others.)
  • Article infobox's will look for a same named image(png) as the page title to be put in the infobox-image.

General image stuff

  • General image formats to use:
    • Jpg for larger images (like general in-game images)
    • Png for icon sized/type images (like game-icons images, usual a copy of the actually resource image)
    • Gif for animation.
    • Svg (preferably) for flow chart like images.
      • Note: Image extensions should be in lower-case.

Things to avoid

  • Non-English content should remain off the wiki. This is an English wiki; everything else clutters up the articles.
  • Information and articles about players, player groups and villages should remain off the wiki unless significantly relevant.
  • Writing styles that are inconsistent with the rest of the wiki.

Other stuff