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Base-Quality 120
Is Deadly yes
Hitpoints 50000
Fleeing-Hitpoints Varies
Armor 150
Creature-Products Cachalot Blowhole,
Cachalot Chunk x16:
Raw Cachalot x8 (128 total), Animal Fat x4 (64 total),
Cachalot Heart:
Raw Cachalot x16 (25% higher q),
Cachalot Skull:
Hvalraf x20-25, Cachalot Tooth x2-10,
Cachalot Carcass:
Whale Bone Material x40
Seasonality (None)
Terrain This data is specified at the individual Terrain pages. (None)
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Cachalot are large toothed whales living in Oceans. They're very fast, strong and durable high-end creatures which parts give access to following recipes: Cachalot Charm, Whaler's Jacket, Whalebone Clasps and Whalebone Scrimshaw.

To butcher a creature, you must first tow it to the Knarr or Snekkja and take it to the shore, secondly drag on the ground with the help of a horse.



Usually not aggressive, but will attack anybody in the area if already in combat.

Combat Moves

Attacks Restorations


Beware, Cachalots are very strong creatures, capable of outrunning and breaking a Knarr or Snekkja.

In-Game Example(s)


  • Dead Cachalot can be hooked to knarr and lifted on сoast. Then dragged on land by the horse.
  • Butchered in several pieces that can be lifted.
  • The Cachalot Blowhole is softcapped by the quality of the cutting tool first used to butcher the cachelot.
  • The Cachalot chunks are only softcapped by tool when butchered directly, not when the whale is butchered.
  • Chunks and Skull not decay naturally and can be used as decoration forever.
  • Neither the heart or skull can be stored in a vehicle's cargo

Game Development

  • World 14 (2022-08-12) >"Reworked the whale spawning mechanic, aiming to reduce the reliance on simply seeing ocean tiles to find infinite whales."