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Types of Water Terrain

In HnH, there exist both freshwater and saltwater terrain. Freshwater and saltwater both have a shallow and deep form. The seas also have a "very deep water" terrain (colloquially referred to as "the high seas") which will cause continuous damage to watercraft.

Hnh screenshot water types.png

The different shades of water on this map represent different types and depths of water. From bottom left to top right: deep water (dark blue), water (shallow enough to walk in), ocean (shallow enough to walk through), deep ocean, very deep ocean (dark teal).

Different types of fish and forageables will appear in each of the types of water.

  • Both of the shallow variants of water can be walked through, with a speed penalty. Other creatures can move through shallow water at regular speed.
  • Both of the variants of deep water require the swimming skill to cross. Hearthlings without the swimming skill will be unable to enter this terrain. Being in deep water will drain your stamina. When out of stamina, the hearthling will take asphyxiation damage; taking too many points of this will result in death by drowning.
  • The very deep ocean terrain (referred to as "High Seas" by warning message you get when entering it.) Unlike all other water terrains, it deals periodical damage to all watercraft. Boats like dugouts and tarred rowboats will not survive for long. Ships like Snekkjas or Knarr are more suited for High Seas, but still take damage over time. Only Knarr is recommended for extended voyages across the ocean for intercontinental travel or whaling. (Caution: ships can only be repaired when in shallow water).


Boats and ships take periodic damage while traversing through very deep water. [Verify: is the ship damage based on distance sailed or time spent in High Seas.]

  • WARNING: even though Tarred Rowboats can traverse through very deep water, it is usually not recommended as they can only take one tick of damage before they are destroyed. They can be used to travel through a small strip of Very Deep Water tiles at best (for the Hearthlings that are daring, foolish, or desperate).

Alternative way to get on a different continent

See Swirling Vortex.

Seafaring Preparation & Tips

While boats have "Seaworthiness" -meter, they are wholly incapable of crossing any length of High Seas safely.

Snekkja can last extended periods in High Seas, but is only suitable to making short crossings between continents, otherwise being bound to rivers and coasts.

Knarr is the most capable ship for voyages that include traversing long stretches of High Seas.

  • NOTE: for long voyages where you are not able to teleport back to a Home Dock, it is recommended to bring extra Tarsticks to repair your Snekkja or Knarr for the journey back.
    • Being on (Very) Deep Water will not allow you to repair the ship; that can only be done while the ship is in Shallow Water.

Game Development

  • Strange Crown (2022-10-23) >"Stuff carried overhead while over water will not be insta-deleted if you lose your session, but, rather, will only be so when the actual character logs out. Should imply a short grace time to log back in if you lose connection while carrying stuff over water, or such."