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Experience Points are obtained through Experience Events and Quests and are used by hearthlings for a number of tasks, including:

Experience Events are not limited, and can be randomly activated throughout your daily activities. The amount of Experience Points received is a good indicator of how often you can activate that event. For Example, Quenching Thirst can be activated very often, while Fragrance of Flowers may only activate every few days. In this fashion, it is recommended or encouraged to perform a number of varied activities or often go exploring to activate these events as often as possible.

  • You can check which event you haven't done in Character Sheet under Lore & Skills by clicking on Lore.
  • It's worth noting that by using Hearth Magic, you may end up with negative Experience Points when any Curiosities in your Study finish.
  • Members of a Realm may be allowed to withdraw Experience points from the Realm's bank to use as they will.

Experience Events

(img)EventExpHow to AcquireLore Text
Experience-A Camp in the Woods.pngA Camp in the Woods175Build a Leanto."The land feels old here, yet strangely welcoming. Around you are the sounds of the forest, and a stillness of ages. It's quite a nice camp you've got going."
Experience-A Great Hall.pngA Great Hall0Entering Valhalla."A Great Hall towers in the distance before you, and all around you are signs of a thousand battles. Your spirit has many roads ahead of it still, but this flesh has reached the end of its road here, in the Hall of the Gods. Feast and do battle until the End of All Times, brave Hearthling!"
Experience-A Marriage of Light and Darkness.pngA Marriage of Light and Darkness0Right before picking your gender during character creation."It has been said that certain primordial, mystical, dualities of the Deep Magic will not come undone until at the End of Ages, when Hearthling is the wolf of Hearthling, and all hope is lost. Are you a man or a woman, spirit? The path ahead demands a choice."
Experience-A Talking Tree.pngA Talking Tree150Greet a quest-giving tree."For some reason some power higher than yourself has compelled you to seek out this tree, and it is to your great amazement that you hear -- directionless, as if in echo from everywhere and nowhere -- it speak to you in a soft seductive voice. Perhaps it desires something?"
Experience-Abyssal Chasm.pngAbyssal Chasm400Find an Abyssal Chasm"There is a draft, quite cool, from lower recesses, and it is only a faint echo from below which prevents you from suddenly tumbling headfirst down the scar on the world which now stretches out before you. You have found an Abyssal Chasm, and from it blow ill winds."
Experience-Ancient Windthrow.pngAncient Windthrow400Find an Ancient Windthrow"Sometime, in the great old beginnings, when the Old Gods where still young, free and wild, a mighty tree did here come crashing down. Now there is only shade, and damp, and the slow decay of ages. You have found an Ancient Windthrow."
Experience-Anthill Rising.pngAnthill Rising500Discover an Ant Hill Dungeon."Out from the ground before you rises a grim tower of pine needles and earth, where an endless brood of ants must have toiled since before the dawn of time, digging their winding tunnels down to the very rootsof the world. Who knows what ancient horrors lurk inside?"
Experience-Buzzkill.pngBuzzkill1,000Kill an Bee Queen."The distant buzzling quickly fades, as if some stranfe spell animating the cavernous hive around you, presumably emanating from the beast dead before your feet, had shattered and dissipated with the last fall of your blade. The Queen is dead!"
Experience-By Weeping Willows.pngBy Weeping Willows75Stand under a Willow Tree and right click it."Why does Old Man Willow weep? In longing for youth and friends bygone, or in sadness at the touch of an axe or an ill wind? Beyond the rustling of leaves you can, in any event, swear that you heard him sobbing."
Experience-Carrying Light.pngCarrying Light350Have a firebrand burn longer than twenty seconds."You hold the flame gasping between your cupped hands, shielded from a light breeze, and wafting like silk. In the world around and beyond you, cold and darkness linger, ever encroaching upon the houses of light and life. This moment will not last forever, but for now you carry warmth into the world where you tread. It is a rare thing for a Firebrand to last this long."
Experience-Catch In The Net.pngCatch In The Net250Pick Fishing Net with a fish."You struggle to reel in the net, heavy as it is, splashing with the shimmering silver of a grand haul."
Experience-Caving In.pngCaving In130See a cave entrance."You pass a bend in the road, and then suddenly there it is: A mysterious cave entrance peeking out from behind a tree. Your sense of adventure and the curious is tingled. Will you cave in?"
Experience-Chanting 'Shroom.pngChanting 'Shroom350Meet a quest-giving mushroom."For some time you have heard a droning chant somewhere far in the back of your mind, and it is only now, standing before this giant cave mushroom, that you get the sudden realization that the sound is actually real, and emanating from it. A deep voice, old with the ages of the cave around you, speaks to you."
Experience-Clay Pit.pngClay Pit400Find a Clay Pit"A peculiar, slow, bubbling, combined with a light reek of moisture, decaying matter, and earth, reveals the unmistakable presence of a Clay Pit."
Experience-Conversant Boulder.pngConversant Boulder150Find a quest-giving boulder."An eerie feeling creeps over you as it slowly begins to dawn on you that the personage you have been searching for is none other than that old boulder now lying supinely before you, counting clouds, stars, and years. You can hear its whisper everywhere around you."
Experience-Coral Reef.pngCoral Reef400Find a Coral Reef"The cry of Seagulls, the spray of ocean salt, and the unmistakable scent of seafood on the air, precedes the lookout's cry, announcing a Coral Reef sighted o'er yonder.w"
Experience-Crashing Through the Forest.pngCrashing Through the Forest400Observe a Dryad."An Otherworldly presence, squirming roots and shaking aspen, seemingly bending the natural world around the path it cuts, comes crashing through the foliage in a most sublime spectacle."
Experience-Dawn Breaking.pngDawn Breaking80Exit a building or cave at dawn (04:45-07:15)."They say that the night is always at its darkest just before dawn, and never was this more true than this morning, as the sun rises in unusual splendor over the horizons, burning away any lingering shadows of the night. This fast breaking dawn is truly spectacular."
Experience-Dawn on the Mountain.pngDawn on the Mountain350Be on a mountain at dawn (04:45-07:15)."Far away in the distant horizon, a great fiery orb rises in the sky, casting its warming light over the cold and age of the mountain. The view from here is breathtaking."
Experience-Drawing Blood.pngDrawing Blood150Random chance while butchering a corpse."You plunge the sharp end of your tool deep into the carcass lying prone in front of you, and draw from it a steaming gush of blood. Something profound, something concerning the cyclicity of life, and the eternal return, briefly occurs to you, but you soon shake it off and return to the sanguine task ahead of you."
Experience-Driving out the Darkness.pngDriving out the Darkness300Light a fire or fireplace at night, or in a cave."The light rushes out into every nook and cranny around you, driving off shadows and darkness further into hidden recesses, and revealing ever new possibilities everywhere around you."
Experience-Fairy Stone.pngFairy Stone400Find a Fairy Stone."Ahead lies a reminiscence of dances past, 'neath solstice and full moon, around some ancient stone, laden with magyckal import. A smell of fungi lingers, where tiny feet once trod the ground."
Experience-Fall of The Beaver King.pngFall of The Beaver King1,000Kill a Beaver King"You saw the Beaver King fall, his throne overtuned, his crown stolen away and dissapeared and you remember the lesson well."
Experience-Falling Star.pngFalling Star-1Announces start of Meteorite falling."A red star, dying in a final glory wreathed in flames, races across the firmament of the Hearth. Perhaps you can find it when it tumbles to the Hearth?"
Experience-Familiar Face.pngFamiliar Face200Walk onto shallow water."Far, deep down in the blue fathoms, you notice a familiar face looking back at you. A soft smile spreads out across the face of the stranger recognized, and there is calm. You hear sounds of water."
Experience-Fashioned with Love.pngFashioned with Love125Craft anything."You know that you at some point may have to part with this thing that you made, and that's fine, but for now, for this once, you stand in silent, humble, marvel at the simple perfection here sprung forth from your hands."
Experience-Fish Moon.pngFish Moon500Catch a fish, or casting a line, during full moon."The moon stands high, and you giddy in the perfect knowledge that fish are out in force tonight. This is going to be good."
Experience-Fragrance of Flowers.pngFragrance of Flowers200Pick a flower"The air here carries a breath of sweet perfume, and you feel the fullness of life pulsating everywhere around you, draped in a note of divine simplicity. These flowers smell lovely."
Experience-Freshly Baked.pngFreshly Baked200Look inside an oven with newly completed bread inside."The sweet smell of freshly baked bread wafts against you from the still warm oven. Truly wonderful."
Experience-Gate Between Worlds.pngGate Between Worlds600Build a gate."A gate stands complete before you, which was not here before, and what was before only outside, now also knows of an inside. A sublime sense of shifting spatiality comes over you, and when it leaves, only the gate remains."
Experience-Geyser.pngGeyser400Find a Geyser"A furiously bubbling cauldron, steaming with brimstone and possibility, stands before you."
Experience-Grave Flowers.pngGrave Flowers150Place a Flower on a grave"With a heavy heart you place your flowers at the door of the crypt and final resting place of a Hearthling now quickly fading from memory, in defiant offering to time, death, and decay."
Experience-Great Cave Organ.pngGreat Cave Organ400Find a Great Cave Organ"Sombre, haunting notes echo within the bellows of this colossal, stalagmite structure of these cavernous underworlds, as ill fumes spew forth from below. Who knows what secret pathways connect it to the deeper core of the Hearth?"
Experience-Great Thingwall.pngGreat Thingwall400Find a Thingwall"Ancient custom holds that Hearthings may only be convened in those places noumenal where the Old Gods, in time before time, planted a mighty oak by a table of stone. A Thingwall stands before you, and you now heed its beck and call."
Experience-Guano Pile.pngGuano Pile400Find a Guano Pile"The buzzing of countless flies, along with the chirping of almost as many bats, and a deep, putrid reek of feces, can only mean one thing: You have found a sizeable Guano Pile."
Experience-Haven & Hearth.pngHaven & Hearth0Walk out of the pool during character creation."There is light, and you find yourself surrounded by a vast and dark forest, with a path ahead of you stretching far off into some distant greenery. All around you, the land draws heavy breaths of wind, carrying with it scents of pine, and earth, and age. You feel light, almost floating, and yet strangely also heavier than you have ever felt before. Centuries are everywhere around, and within you."
Experience-Having a Seat.pngHaving a Seat75Sit down on a chair."It is nice to rest your weary bones from time to time. It is nice to lay down your burdens. It is nice to have a seat."
Experience-Headwaters.pngHeadwaters400Find Headwaters"The river winds, on and on, and up and away. Whether you have followed the river here, or whether you stumbled upon it, you have nevertheless discovered its source here at these Headwaters. From this spring the river is continously made anew."
Experience-Heart of the Woods.pngHeart of the Woods400Find a Heart of the Woods"A slow, thumping, beat, pulsating with the age of the forest around you, reveals a Heart of the Wood over yonder."
Experience-Heave-ho!.pngHeave-ho!75Lift anything."Boom! You ripped that thing right off of the ground! It never stood a chance!"
Experience-Ice Spire.pngIce Spire400Find an Ice Spire"Before you a gleaming spike of ice and silver rises toward the heavens, refractured with the cool of the snow and the mountain, sparkling like a million diamonds in the sun. You have found an Ice Spire."
Experience-In Golden Fields.pngIn Golden Fields175Harvest Barley or Wheat."Everywhere around you are golden stands of grain, ripe for the harvest, glowing in the sun, and scenting the winds with hints of grass and soil. These fields are truly a sight to behold, and the labors ahead of you seem lessened by their glory."
Experience-Irminsul.pngIrminsul400Find a Irminsul."In a clearing before you stand a dark, brooding tree, covering in smears of blood, as if from some profane rite."
Experience-Jotun Mussel.pngJotun Mussel400Find a Jotun Mussel"Cast out before you as if by some Jotun hand lies an entish Mussel, glittering in the sun, and tattling tales of secret treasure."
Experience-Kelp Island.pngKelp Island400Find a Kelp Island."Glistering in the briny foam yonder lies a reeking, green mass of tangled kelp, afloat in the ocean, drifting in the wind and currents."
Experience-Last Screech of the Night Queen.pngLast Screech of the Night Queen1,000Kill a Night Queen"You saw the Night Queen fall, and you heard her last cry out or anguish, booming through the vast, dark halls where her endless brood lay slaughtered in cold blood before your trampling feet, and the chill now haunts you to your dying breath."
Experience-Laying Old Bones to Rest.pngLaying Old Bones to Rest500Put a skeleton or skull into a grave."It is in sombre rememberance of the finalities of death and passing that you watch, as old bones are laid to rest, now consigned forever to the quiet of a cold tomb, and of eternity."
Experience-Leaping Free.pngLeaping Free200Jump down or climb up a cliff."Time pauses and leaves you suspended mid-air, a fly trapped in the amber of time, and for a lifetime passed in the wink of an eye, you hang there from nothing, in defiant conquest of time and space. The thunder of the world surging back into motion is deafening."
Experience-Letting go of your Dream.pngLetting go of your Dream75Drop A Beautiful Dream!."You open your hand just slightly, and suddenly it's gone in a puff of pink and sugar. Perhaps you threw it away. Perhaps you just dropped it. Perhaps you gave it to the world. Either way you let go of your beautiful dream, and it is now gone."
Experience-Lilypad Lotus.pngLilypad Lotus400Find an Lilypad Lotus"A sweet scent on the wind, with notes of nectar, summer and wild honey, is noticeable long before the floral glory of the Lilypad Lotus itself."
Experience-Mandrake's Shriek.pngMandrake's Shriek250Find Spirited Mandrake Root"Chillingly your blood freezes as a howl as if from some midnight-haunting banshee pierces the dark. The root in your hand has come alive in the moonlight, and darts away from you before you have time to react."
Experience-Mistle Kiss.pngMistle Kiss200Use Lean in and Kiss on another player in front of Mistletoe."You lean in, drawing waiting breaths of Mistle, and of another soul near yours, and..."
Experience-Mixing Up the Medicine.pngMixing Up the Medicine350Create a medicinal substance."There is a sublime smell, pungent, with creamy notes, as if from onion or poppy, arising from the poultice before you, in reminder of the selfless joys of the healer's calling."
Experience-Monolith.pngMonolith400Find a Monolith"A tall pilar of solid, singular, stone rises before you, covered in blood, whether from hearthling or beast, laden with portent."
Experience-Monster in the Cellar.pngMonster in the Cellar150Enter a cellar. One Rat will spawn in conjunction with this event."The darker corners of this place can be ominously frightening sometimes. There's that frantic clawing from within the walls, and just now you can swear that you saw something large, with ravenous red eyes, skulking in the pitch."
Experience-Natural Gallery.pngNatural Gallery500Random occurrence when mining."Your axe suddenly bites into nothing but the damp of long-trapped air, as a final plunge to the rock crumbles a thin wall, and reveals a natural cave gallery, stretching some ways into the darkness ahead."
Experience-New Land.pngNew Land50Walk from one terrain onto another."A feeling of mixed excitement and trepidation comes over you as you stand here, by this edge between two lands, waiting to cross."
Experience-Nidbane's Shadow.pngNidbane's Shadow150See the Nidbane."An ill wind sweeps in with the vengeful shadow of a Nidbane approaching. The Nidbanes are vengeful spirits summoned to carry vengeance to those who have broken the Hearthlaw, on behalf of the wronged."
Experience-Nuggets of Wisdom.pngNuggets of Wisdom200Craft metal nuggets."In the writhing of molten metal before you, you see woven the threads of distant futures and near pasts, reflected in the pure magic of fire. Clearly nuggets of wisdom, those!"
Experience-Omen of Ruin.pngOmen of Ruin0Log in during Hearth land's end is coming"A dark sense of foreboding fills the air of every living place under the Hearth. Somewhere in the world, foul incantations of ruin are being spoken, and if the ritual currently taking place is not prevented, the Hearth will come to ruin, perhaps to be reborn."
Experience-Planting for the Future.pngPlanting for the Future500Random occurrence when planting trees and bushes."You pad the sapling gently with the moist of the soil, and can, for the brief flash of an instant, see the entire future of this plant, from now to mighty timber, laid out before you, and your act of planting it suddenly seems laden with portent."
Experience-Pounding Metal.pngPounding Metal350Random occurrence when using anvil."It is a very special feeling that, pounding metal to form by hammer and muscle. The metallic reverb of your rhythm rings out far and wide."
Experience-Pricked by the Spindle.pngPricked by the Spindle300Random occurrence when using a Spinning Wheel. Deals 5 SHP damage."It is like a fairy tale of unraveling thread, and more pain than you had honestly expected, as a red droplet bleeds out where you, just now, pricked yourself on the spindle. Ouch!"
Experience-Quenching Thirst.pngQuenching Thirst75Drink water."You drink deep and greedily in full, dank, draughts, as visions of mist and Huldra dance within the theatre of your mind's eye. Only rarely have you, in hindsight, ever felt this thirsty, and having quenched that thirst now leaves you feeling unusually alive. For the briefest moment the road ahead seems clear."
Experience-Roaring Fire.pngRoaring Fire250Light a Fire"ou are at the end of your efforts when, from crooked tinder set before you, there suddenly leaps, born of a single spark, a mighty Worm of flames blazing, wrapped in manes of soot and crimson. Writhing and twisting he roars and hisses, before finally disappearing down into the captivity of his lumbered prison. The odor of a single, singed hair will linger for hours."
Experience-Rock Crystal.pngRock Crystal400Find a Rock Crystal"A gleaming wonder of the natural world appears, refracting worlds within worlds within its crystal, and chiming deep, pure, notes."
Experience-Salt Basin.pngSalt Basin400Find a Salt Basin"Before you stands a pool reflecting the white gold of pure salt, in hues of blue. You have found a natural Salt Basin."
Experience-Say Cheese.pngSay Cheese250Slice a cheese out of tray."As you draw along the edge of the tray, the soft, salt and briny smell of fresh cut cheese plays sensually in your nostrils. You smile in simple delight."
Experience-Sensing the Beast.pngSensing the Beast100See a large wild animal (Boar, Deer, Bear, ...)."You suddenly freeze at a muffled noise in the distance. Up-ahead stands a majestic beast, in a defiant stride of wilderness triumphant, caring not for the ways of Hearthlings. Nature is amazing."
Experience-Setting the Vats.pngSetting the Vats350Fill a tanning tub with items."Is it just you, or are you always the one left doing this? It reeks to the High Havens, the stuff seems to seep into every pore of your being, and, frankly, its heavy, and if you had a gold pebble for every bucket you've dropped..."
Experience-Soot, Cogs & Fire.pngSoot, Cogs & Fire300Open a lit ore smelter."There is an acrid taste in the air here, and black particles dance in hot furnace drafts, and the heavy sighs of bellows. Somewhere far off you can hear the clattering of cogs, and everywhere around you is the pressing heat of a hundred coal fires."
Experience-Sowing Time.pngSowing Time150Plant seeds."With a light heart you lighten your burden, and give unto the field all that which same shall soon be given back from it in turn. The exchange leaving you both the richer."
Experience-Spelunking.pngSpelunking100Enter a cave."You've entered a cave, and the light from the outside now grows fainter as you delve deeper into it. The cave appears to stretch on for some distance into the pitch. Your sense of excitement tingles, as a light breeze from within the recesses of the mountain touches your cheek, carrying with it a faint, pungent scent of mushrooms and cavebulbs."
Experience-Spring Air.pngSpring Air150Walk from snow tile onto grass during Spring."Spring is in the air, and everywhere there are the in-winter-forgotten sounds of buzzing, crawling, growing, and dripping, soft at first, but increasing in intensity with every day that passes. Praise be to those kind fortunes who set the Hearth in bloom with another year."
Experience-Stalagoomba's Dance.pngStalagoomba's Dance500Find one or more Stalagoombas"You're not sure if it's because you have been eating mushrooms, but distantly you can swear you hear the beating of rhythmic drums, as a conga line of Stalagoombas dance past."
Experience-Striking the Earth.pngStriking the Earth175Dig earth."You raise your shovel and strike, strike the earth. Dirt flies everywhere and a strong, luminous sense of good omens concerning the project comes over you. The gods smile at your ambitions."
Experience-Striking the Root.pngStriking the Root125Lift a bush or destroy tree stumps."Well, that took some doing, but you finally managed to untangle those darn roots, and get that thing out of the ground. Now for what to make of it..."
Experience-Summit of The Mountain.pngSummit of The Mountain400Find a Summit of The Mountain."High above you, cold, unforgiving, and eternal, rises a tall peak of the mountain, grasping after even the clouds and stars themselves."
Experience-Sundering the Hill.pngSundering the Hill1,000Kill an Ant Queen"You saw the God Empress fall, and you heard the crackling of her eggs tramplet under your feet. You were there when a great House of Antdom was forever extinguished, and the ancient hill it built sundered."
Experience-Swan Lake.pngSwan Lake150Find Swan in lake"The spark of a soft tremor leaps across the fabric of reality, as a majestic apparition, in ghostly white, glides over waters yonder."
Experience-Tarpit.pngTarpit75Find a Tarpit"A bubbling of muck, the coaly smell of pitch, and the sight of bones, whitening in the sun, tells of a natural Tarpit ahead."
Experience-Thar She Blows.pngThar She Blows750Meet a Cachalot."Far in the distance you see it, sublime, moving graciously through the waters, betraying nothing of its immensity against a backdrop lacking every reference for size. Hail great Leviathan of the endless fathoms!"
Experience-The Carving of Runes.pngThe Carving of Runes200Write message in an Runestone"As the dust settles, the runes you carved glow back at you in the terrifying red of blood and fire. Vandals and the accidents of decay willing, your message will linger here until the Hearth is rent asunder."
Experience-The Mother Lode.pngThe Mother Lode250Find an Ore vein by mining."As the dust settles you suddenly see it, gleaming like some long forgotten treasure in the dark. You've struck an ore vein."
Experience-The Symbel.pngThe Symbel150Feast at a table with symbels"It is not every meal that feels like a grand banquet held in a well-lit Hall, in the company of Kings, to symphonies of blowing horns and roaring fires, flowing with mead, but this one does."
Experience-The Tables Have Turned.pngThe Tables Have Turned75Lift and place a table."You set the table down with a thud, sending a cascade of long undisturbed dust and cobwebs in a spray through the air, as vain hope suddenly turns established fact: The tables have turned."
Experience-Things Piling Up.pngThings Piling Up50Place a stockpile by hand or wheelbarrow."You quietly think to yourself that all of cultured life is one long quest in pursuit of piling one thing ontop of another."
Experience-Timber!.pngTimber!175Chop down a tree."With your final whack of the hatchet, the tree comes crashing down in a flurrious cascade of twig and branch. Your sense of satisfaction is complete."
Experience-Touch of Silk.pngTouch of Silk250Crafting Silk."You let the fibers of the material flow through your fingers like a rapid stream, almost frictionless. There is a slight cool note in the touch, but otherwise there is only the softness of a summer cloud, in this touch of silk."
Experience-Treading Grass.pngTreading Grass100Walk onto grassland terrain."A patch of grass brushes against your feet, touching them with dew and damp. It tickles, reminding you of childhood joys, as a smile radiates out across your lips, and further on and away toward a universe which you in this moment know could not know evil."
Experience-Truffle Unearthed.pngTruffle Unearthed1,500Dig up a Truffle with your leashed pig."Suddenly it lays bare and unearthed before you, dreaming in thick, earthy tones, the prize sought: A piece of fine truffle. You tremble with joy, excitement, and the intense musk of 'shroom."
Experience-Udder Shudder.pngUdder Shudder100Milk an animal"As you sit down to draw milk, an eerie, if not entirely unpleasant, feeling comes over you. You feel close to the animal, and to the world around you."
Experience-View of the Caldera.pngView of the Caldera500Finding a Caldera"A pressing heat, the likes of which you have rarely felt, bears down on you as you gaze out over a terrifying vista of raging fire and the blood of the Hearth boiling. The Caldera of this Volcano is a spectacular sight."
Experience-Watercraft.pngWatercraft150Place a rowboat onto water."It is with a sense of bold adventure that you plunge your craft into the water, and ready yourself to board."
Experience-Well Wishing.pngWell Wishing100Draw water from a well."The bucket rattles down to bluer fathoms below, and, as it does, the sublime beauty of the world around you suddenly occurs to you. Your heart takes the opportunity to make a secret wish."
Experience-Wind & Fire.pngWind & Fire1,000Go through the fire at the end of character creation."You burn in the fire for what seems like an eternity, in unbearable pain singing through every fibre of your body, convulsing in darkness and flame, and it is with relief that you then suddenly sense the quite different note of a cool breeze, somewhere high above and beyond the fire and the pain. The breeze grows softly stronger, soothing your charred skin, and cooling the rage around you, Before long, there is only the wind."

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