War Flag

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War Flag
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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) RequiredSpecific needed skills.<br>The default skills every Heartling starts off with, Oral Tradition, Primitive Tools & Wilderness Survival), are ignored. Lawspeaking [Verify: skill requirements.]
Object(s) Required Brimstone x2, Bar of Steel, Cloth x10, Block of Wood x20, Rope x5
Produced By Hand
Can be Lifted No
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War Flag (emphasis on "War") is a frail construction erected by madmen in vicinity of province's Thingwall in order to conquer it and add whole of it's territory to an expanding realm.

Quick Facts

  • Only one War Flag per realm can exist.
  • As word "War" implies, some bloodletting might occur around War Flag, so at the first sight of War Flag a humble hermit is expected to grab 3 day supplies, kids, relatives, elders and other pets, and run to the woods seeking shelter.
  • Should War Flag stand intact for 3 hours, challenge to Thingwall would commence with success. Expanding realm's banner would appear on top of Thingwall and province would become a part of said realm.
  • Brave Hearthling does not need to be member of any realm or even village to stand for justice, freedom, independence and all good things in valiant attempt to destroy invading realm's War Flag, which act would cause challenge to commence with failure.
  • Soak value and materials for War Flag construction have yet to be discovered.
  • Inspecting War Flag allows Curious Hearthling to get the name of the Realm that built it.

Game Development

  • Raw Trucker (2021-09-05) >"War Flags should now continously check for line of sight to the Thingwall, meaning that fixed structures between a War Flag and a Thingwall will always interrupt the War Flag's deployment. This was always intended to be so, but apparently this key feature was accidentally lost along the way. Another win for the Seatribe team."
  • Raw Trucker (2021-09-05) >"War Flags are now indestructible for the duration of their deployment time (Between 3-4 hours depending on whether a defending Realm has the "Guarded Marches" Realm Buff), apart from a 20 RL minute window at the end of the deployment time. War Flags can, thus, only be destroyed in the final 20 minutes of their deployment time."
  • Raw Trucker (2021-09-05) >"War Flags cannot be destroyed in less than 2 minutes of continous bashing, irrespective of strength and number of bashers. As with any object, War Flags can not be repaired while someone is actively bashing them."
  • Raw Trucker (2021-09-05) >"War Flags cannot finish their deployment, and flip province ownership, while someone is bashing them."

Claims, Villages, and Realms
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