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"Destroy" is an action which causes your character to attempt to break a solid object, such as a building or stump, at the expense of Stamina.

The amount of damage you do, if any, is determined by the object's Soak value compared to square root of your current Strength and the type of tool or siege engine you are using.

Destroying objects on a claim, that you don't have "Vandalism" permissions to, requires the Vandalism skill and leaves Vile Vapor of Vandalism.

Palisade has relatively low soak but is immune to "bashing" by hand when covered by an active claim. A siege engine is required.

Wild animals can also destroy objects that prevent them from reaching their target of fleeing. Damage they're able to deal roughly correlates with their size; boars, bears, moose, and mammoths are only stopped by fully dried Palisade or Brickwall.


  • Any axe adds one point of destroy damage
  • Pickaxe will add two points of destroy damage
  • Sledgehammer will add four points of destroy damage

Siege Engines

  • Wrecking Ball has base damage of 40 points. Strength root of the single operator will be added, but tools are not.
  • Battering Ram has base damage of 20 points. Up to four people can operate it at once, all adding square root of their Strength to the damage value.