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"Anthing, deceit in heart,
mixed, by pale moonlight,
powder, blood, and secret herbs,
to right a wrong perceived."

LP Cost 20000
Hearth Magic, Plant Lore, Glass Blowing.
Hearth Magic(s) Unlocked None
Required By (7) Alchemist's Table, Burette, Fine Scales, Mortar & Pestle, Retort, Testtube Rack, Tripod Burner
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"Alchemy allows you to mix potions and elixirs with various effects, and can for example give temporary increases to Skills or Attributes, or heal wounds. Alchemical potions and processes often use a plethora of tools, from Mortar & Pestle to Burettes, as well as the Alchemist's Table workbench."

"Base Alchemical ingredients, chiefly herbs and minerals, all have various base effects, and the key to a successful elixir is to combine several ingredients with the same effects. If two or more effects are matched in the ingredients, that effect will also be present in the final elixir. Some alchemical processes can also create, rather than elixirs, new ingredients, by selectively combining effects from the ingredients used to make them."

How to

Elixirs are created by combining ingredients with alchemical properties. Presently, herbs (specifically, only Forageables) and minerals (both Stones and Ores) generally have alchemical properties. Each alchemy ingredient has four randomized potential effects.

Elixirs can currently only be stored in Clay Jars and you need to discover one to unlock elixir recipes.

If elixirs aren't showing up in your crafting menu, try discovering a Clay Jar first.

Base Alchemical ingredients, chiefly herbs and minerals, all have various base effects, and the key to a successful elixir is to combine several ingredients with the same effects. If two or more effects are matched in the ingredients, that effect will also be present in the final elixir.

Some alchemical processes can also create, rather than elixirs, new ingredients, by selectively combining effects from the ingredients used to make them.


  • All potential effects present in at least two of the ingredients will be present in the final Elixir.
  • If a potential effect is present in more than two of the ingredients, the effect will become increasingly more powerful.
  • All unmatched potential effects, present in only one of the ingredients, will serve to increase the harmfulness of the elixir. Elixirs generally cause some type of wound in addition to their positive effect, unless all potential effects in the ingredients are perfectly matched.
  • There are also Alchemical Processes, which consume alchemical ingredients to produce new, processed ingredients, combining, and often removing, the potential effects present in the materials used to produce them, to create cleaner ingredients, with fewer potential effects, and thus with less risk of harm.
  • A raw material -- base ingredient acquired from nature -- can only be used once in an alchemical elixir or process, meaning that you can't, for example, use both Blueberries and an Herbal Grind made from two blueberries, to create a perfectly matched elixir.
  • Most processes require the use of some combination of Alchemical tools, such as the Alchemist's Table, Retort, Burette, Testtube Rack, Fine Scales, Mortar & Pestle, or Tripod Burner.

Another discovery made by playerbase, is that each alchemical ingredient has it's own order of alchemical properties, which is meaningful during alchemical processes.


Herbal Swill

Input: Clay Jar, Water, Alchemical Ingredient, Herb
Required tools: Mortar & Pestle
Result: Elixir

Mercurial Elixir

Input: Clay Jar, Quicksilver, Alchemical Ingredient, Alchemical Ingredient, Mineral
Required tools: Alchemist's Table, Fine Scales, Testtube Rack
Result: Elixir

Mushroom Decoction

Input: Clay Jar, Salt Water, Alchemical Ingredient, Alchemical Ingredient, Mushroom
Required tools: Alchemist's Table, Retort, Tripod Burner
Result: Elixir

Alchemical Processes

Lye Ablution

Effect: Removes first alchemical property of an ingredient, as a result you will receive ingredient with only 3 alchemical properties.
Input: Alchemical Ingredient, Lye
Required tools: Alchemist's Table, Retort
Result: Alchemical Ingredient

Fiery combustion

Effect: Removes second alchemical property of an ingredient, as a result you will receive ingredient with only 3 alchemical properties.
Input: Alchemical Ingredient, Brimstone
Required tools: Alchemist's Table, Tripod Burner
Result: Alchemical Ingredient

Herbal Grind

Effect: Create a new ingredient with 4 new random effects from two herbs. (will have the same output given the same input, but result will be effectively random)
Input: Herb, Herb
Required tools: Mortar & Pestle
Result: Alchemical Ingredient

Measured Distillate

Effect: Removes properties 2, 3, and 4 from both ingredients resulting in an ingredient with only two properties (the first property for each).
Input: Alchemical Ingredient, Alchemical Ingredient, Vegetable Oil
Required tools: Alchemist's Table, Retort, Burette, Testtube Rack
Result: Alchemical Ingredient

Mineral Calcination

Effect: Create a new ingredient with 3 random effects from two minerals. (will have the same output given the same input, result takes 2 properties from one ingredient and 1 from other in most cases). Result is not affected by Lye Ablution process, no properties removed that way.
Input: Mineral, Mineral
Required tools: Alchemist's Table, Tripod Burner
Result: Alchemical Ingredient

Finding The Order of Alchemical Properties

1 - Apply Measured Distillate on the ingredient, since it removes all effects except the first available one, initially it will give us effect 1.

2 - Apply Lye Ablution to the same ingredient (since it removes effect A), now the ingredient only has BCD effects, then apply Measured Distillate, since it leaves only the first one available effect, we get effect 2.

3 - Apply Lye Ablution (removes A) and Fiery Combustion (removes B) to the same ingredient, now we have only effects C and D, then apply Measured Distillate, we get effect 3.

4 - The only remaining 1.

Processes example:
Say, you are making a Mushroom Decoction elixir.
You have a Mushroom, and 4 different alchemical ingredients. You know all effects of the ingredients, and their order.
Let's assume, you have next ingredients with next alchemical properties:
Mushroom: (Intelligence, Agility, Nasty Wart, Concussion)
Rock1:(Unarmed Combat, Agility, Adder Bite, Starvation)
Herb1:(Intelligence, Cooking, Starvation, Nettle Burn)
Rock2:(Adder Bite, Will, Nasty Wart, Farming)
Herb2:(Concussion, Lore, Cooking, Nasty Laceration)

Required processes will be:
Herb2 + Herb1 = Measured distillate1(Concussion, Intelligence) // You took two first effects from both ingredients, to receive ingredient with 2 effects.
Rock1 = Lye Ablution1(Agility, Adder Bite, Starvation) // You have removed first effect, to receive ingredient with 3 effects. Note that second effect became first.
Rock2 = Fiery combustion(Adder Bite, Nasty Wart, Farming) = Lye Ablution2(Nasty Wart, Farming) // You have removed first and second effects with two processes and received ingredient with 2 effects.
Lye Ablution1 + Lye Ablution2 = Measured distillate2(Nasty Wart, Agility) // You have combined two Lye Ablution to take first effects from each, to receive ingredient with 2 effects.
Measured distillate2 + Measured distillate1 + Mushroom = Mushroom Decoction // All ingredient properties have matched, so you received an elixir that will have 4 positive effects(Intelligence, Agility, Nasty Wart, Concussion), with no negative effects.


  • Elixir Buff =
    • n - is number of matching effects of ingredients

Alchemy ingredients

Each listed base attribute or ability gives stat bonus, as well as every name of wound gives healing effect for such wound.
Properties are not ordered (order is important for processing) (Bold = Ordered).

World 15 Ingredient Reactions

Name Property1 Property2 Property3 Property4
Alabaster.png Alabaster Nasty Laceration Nerve Damage
Apatite.png Apatite Deep Cut Blade Kiss Psyche Masonry
Arkose.png Arkose Charisma Will Carpentry
Basalt.png Basalt Stealth Perception Nicks & Knacks
Bat Rock.png Bat Rock Unarmed Combat Dragon Bite Concussion Carpentry
Bay Bolete.png Bay Bolete Marksmanship Aching Joints Cooking Farming
Black Coal.png Black Coal Intelligence Exploration Marksmanship Jellyfish Sting
Black Ore.png Black Ore
Black Truffles.png Black Truffles
Black Trumpets.png Black Trumpets
Bloated Bolete.png Bloated Bolete Intelligence Sewing
Wblock-trumpetchantrelle.png Block of Trombone Chantrelle*
Blood Stern.png Blood Stern Maddening Rash Leech Burns Bruise Psyche
Bloodstone.png Bloodstone
Blueberries.png Blueberries Nettle Burn Midge Bites Deep Cuts Shorter Duration
Breccia.png Breccia Constitution Perception Crab Caressed
Button Mushroom.png Button Mushroom
Camomile.png Camomile
Candleberry.png Candleberry Quicksilver Poisoning Intelligence
Cassiterite.png Cassiterite Masonry Nettle Burn
Cat Gold.png Cat Gold Bum Burn Nicks & Knacks Nerve Damage Constitution
Cattail Fibres.png Cattail Fibres Survival Midge Bites Swamp Fever Pipe Wheeze
Cattail Head.png Cattail Head Constitution Masonry Lore Quill'd
Cattail Roots.png Cattail Roots Perception Charisma Nerve Damage Nicks & Knacks
Cave Lantern.png Cave Lantern Farming
Cavebulb.png Cavebulb Stealth Nettle Burn Seal Finger Longer Duration
Chalcopyrite.png Chalcopyrite Unarmed Combat
Chantrelles.png Chantrelles Psyche Pipe Wheeze Bruise Starvation
Chert.png Chert Masonry Punch-Sore
Chiming Bluebell.png Chiming Bluebell
Chives.png Chives Will Wretched Gore Marksmanship Quill'd
Cinnabar.png Cinnabar Perception Survival Antcid Burns
Clover.png Clover Antcid Burns Scrapes & Cuts Nidburns Shorter Duration
Coltsfoot.png Coltsfoot
Cremini Mushroom.png Cremini Mushroom
Dandelion.png Dandelion Masonry Aching Joints Crab Caressed Punch-Sore
Dewy Lady's Mantle.png Dewy Lady's Mantle Stealth Cooking Dragon Bite Antcid Burns
Diabase.png Diabase Shorter Duration Nasty Wart Seal Finger
Dill.png Dill Constitution Survival
Diorite.png Diorite Starvation Psyche Nasty Laceration Maddening Rash
Direvein.png Direvein
Dolomite.png Dolomite Longer Duration Smithing Agility Wretched Gore
Dove Droppings.png Dove Droppings Intelligence
Dried Morels.png Dried Morels
Dross.png Dross
Dusk Fern.png Dusk Fern Masonry Lore Severe Mauling Shorter Duration
Eclogite.png Eclogite Midge Bites Black Eyed Quicksilver Poisoning
Edelweiß.png Edelweiß
Fairy Mushroom.png Fairy Mushroom
Feldspar.png Feldspar Charisma Nettle Burn Intelligence Asphyxiation
Field Blewits.png Field Blewits
Flint.png Flint Constitution Stealth Antcid Burns Crab Caressed
Fluorospar.png Fluorospar Charisma Dexterity Severe Mauling Smithing
Frog's Crown.png Frog's Crown Melee Combat Carpentry Severe Mauling Smithing
Gabbro.png Gabbro Smithing
Galena.png Galena
Ghost Apple.png Ghost Apple
Giant Puffball.png Giant Puffball Scrapes & Cuts Masonry Exploration
Glimmermoss.png Glimmermoss Scrapes & Cuts
Gneiss.png Gneiss Charisma Blistering Headache Melee Combat Blade Kiss
Granite.png Granite Dexterity
Graywacke.png Graywacke Charisma Nasty Wart
Green Kelp.png Green Kelp Midge Bites Unarmed Combat Dexterity Perception
Greenschist.png Greenschist
Heartsease.png Heartsease Sand Flea Bites Starvation Exploration
Heavy Earth.png Heavy Earth
Horn Silver.png Horn Silver
Hornblende.png Hornblende Agility Allergic Reaction Leech Burns
Indigo Cap.png Indigo Cap
Iron Ochre.png Iron Ochre
Jasper.png Jasper Dexterity Nicks & Knacks
Korund.png Korund
Kvann.png Kvann Marksmanship Exploration Will
Kyanite.png Kyanite
Lady's Mantle.png Lady's Mantle Psyche Concussion Wretched Gore
Lamp Stalk.png Lamp Stalk Longer Duration Swamp Fever Constitution
Lava Rock.png Lava Rock
Lead Glance.png Lead Glance Nidburns Dragon Bite Black Eyed Leech Burns
Leaf Ore.png Leaf Ore
Liberty Caps.png Liberty Caps Pipe Wheeze Nasty Laceration Midge Bites
Limestone.png Limestone Shorter Duration Survival Constitution
Lingonberries.png Lingonberries Agility Smithing Carpentry Charisma
Lupine.png Lupine Masonry Aching Joints Nettle Burn Shorter Duration
Malachite.png Malachite
Mandrake Root.png Mandrake Root Quicksilver Poisoning Carpentry Survival
Marble.png Marble Sand Flea Bites Swamp Fever Aching Joints Scrapes & Cuts
Marsh-Mallow.png Marsh-Mallow Perception
Mica.png Mica Quicksilver Poisoning Psyche
Microlite.png Microlite Farming Will Adder Bite Bum Burn
Mistletoe.png Mistletoe Will Nicks & Knacks Shorter Duration Dexterity
Morels.png Morels
Obsidian.png Obsidian
Olivine.png Olivine Wretched Gore Marksmanship Severe Mauling Hearth Burn
Orthoclase.png Orthoclase Agility Allergic Reaction
Oyster Mushroom.png Oyster Mushroom Psyche Nasty Wart Masonry Stealth
Parasol Mushroom.png Parasol Mushroom
Parboiled Morels.png Parboiled Morels
Peacock Ore.png Peacock Ore
Pegmatite.png Pegmatite
Perfect Autumn Leaf.png Perfect Autumn Leaf
Porphyry.png Porphyry Swamp Fever Maddening Rash Sand Flea Bites
Portobello Mushroom.png Portobello Mushroom Nicks & Knacks
Pumice.png Pumice Cooking Intelligence Concussion Wretched Gore
Quarryartz.png Quarryartz Bird Lung Lore Nidburns Longer Duration
Quartz.png Quartz Psyche Concussion Leech Burns Unarmed Combat ??
Reeds.png Reeds
Rhyolite.png Rhyolite Deep Cuts Lore Nidburns
Rock Crystal.png Rock Crystal
Royal Toadstool.png Royal Toadstool Agility Swamp Fever Longer Duration Jellyfish Sting
Ruby Bolete.png Ruby Bolete Scrapes & Cuts
Rustroot.png Rustroot Constitution Psyche Punch Sore Unarmed Combat
Sage.png Sage
Sandstone.png Sandstone Concussion Masonry Leech Burns Psyche
Schist.png Schist
Schrifterz.png Schrifterz
Seasponge.png Seasponge Marksmanship Perception
Serpentine.png Serpentine Lore
Shard of Conch.png Shard of Conch
Silvershine.png Silvershine
Slag.png Slag Constitution Concussion Intelligence Longer Duration
Slate.png Slate Will
Sleighbell.png Sleighbell
Snowtop.png Snowtop Bum Burn Perception
Soapstone.png Soapstone Nicks & Knacks Perception Stealth
Sodalite.png Sodalite Constitution Will
Spindly Taproot.png Spindly Taproot Will Punch Sore Stealth Seal Finger
Stalagoom.png Stalagoom Nicks & Knacks Unarmed Combat Bird Lung
Stinging Nettle.png Stinging Nettle Allergic Reaction Survival Stealth
Strawberry.png Strawberry Dexterity Hearth Burn Starvation
Sunstone.png Sunstone
Tangled Bramble.png Tangled Bramble Concussion Hearth Burn Aching Joints Sand Flea Bites
Thorny Thistle.png Thorny Thistle Longer Duration Asphyxiation
Thyme.png Thyme
Toadflax.png Toadflax Bum Burn Perception Lore Seal Finger
Troll Mushrooms.png Troll Mushrooms
Trumpet Chantrelle.png Trumpet Chantrelle
Uncommon Snapdragon.png Uncommon Snapdragon Survival Nicks & Knacks Farming Melee Combat
Washed-up Bladderwrack.png Washed-up Bladderwrack Stealth
Waybroad.png Waybroad Survival Blade Kiss Nicks & Knacks Shorter Duration
White Truffles.png White Truffles
Wild Windsown Weed.png Wild Windsown Weed Will Psyche Charisma Nasty Laceration
Wine Glance.png Wine Glance Will Pipe Wheeze Longer Duration
Wintergreen.png Wintergreen
Yarrow.png Yarrow Constitution Antcid Burns Masonry Blistering Headache
Yellowfeet.png Yellowfeet Nasty Wart Unarmed Combat Will Allergic Reaction
Zincspar.png Zincspar

* Only accepted as a mushroom for Mushroom Decoction

Previous world alchemy reactions (reset with new worlds).
Archived: W12 ingredient list
Archived: W13 ingredient list
Archived: W14 ingredient list

Game Development

  • Through a Glass Darkly (2020-08-16) >"If you manage to impart the same potential effect more than once on an alchemical ingredient, it will only count once for the purposes of positive Elixir effects, but still count as a matched effect, and reduce the potion's negative side effect."