Shard of Conch

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Shard of Conch
Shard of Conch.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Mining
Produced By Chasm Conch
Specific Type of Stone
Required By Conch Chair, (Stone: Adder Brooch, Alchemist's Table, Barter Pole, Bell Fountain, Bonfire, Border Cairn, Charter Stone, Cistern, Coronation Stone, Dovecote, Dry Stone Fence, Fealty Stone, Feather Sunfeather, Feather Trinket, Field Cairn, Fireplace, Granary, Grave Cairn, Great Hall, Grotesque Idol, Lantern Hanger, Menhir, Milestone, Milling Machine, Mine Hole, Mortar & Pestle, Notice Board, Ore Smelter, Oven, Personal Claim, Petraglyph, Potter's Wheel, Primitive Doll, Rattle-Tattle-Talisman, Rock Lobster, Runed Dolmen, Seamark, Seer's Stones, Ship Dock, Stack Furnace, Statue of the Chieftain, Steel Crucible, Stone Arrow, Stone Axe, Stone Bench, Stone Casket, Stone Column, Stone Mansion, Stone Table, Stone Throne... further results)
Stockpile Stone (70)
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A special kind of Stone that can only be chipped from dead Chasm Conch.
Shard of Conch are used in the making of various items, as well as in the construction of many objects.

Shard of Conch looks like this inside the game: