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List of ingredients and reactions for W12


Name Property1 Property2 Property3 Property4
Bay Bolete Perception Psyche Unarmed Combat Longer Duration
Black Trumpets Agility Charisma Chills & Nausea Fell Slash
Black Truffles Intelligence Will Adder Bite Bum Burn
Bloated Bolete Sewing Carpentry Bruises Crab Caressed
Bloodstern Sewing Cooking Longer Duration Rot Gut
Blueberry Exploration Bruises Concussion Severe Mauling
Camomile Will Black-eyed Bum Burn Concussion
Candleberry Psyche Marksmanship Smithing Nasty Wart
Cattail Fibres Perception Dexterity Cooking Nerve Damage
Cattail Head Stealth Cooking Fell Slash Nettle Burn
Cattail Roots Carpentry Crab Caressed Dragon Bite Wretched Gore
Cave Lantern Will Survival Crab Caressed Wretched Gore
Cavebulb Smithing Cooking Lore Longer Duration
Chantrelles Perception Adder Bite Blistering Headache Scrapes & Cuts
Chiming Bluebell Strength Will Marksmanship Crab Caressed
Chives Unarmed Combat Stealth Blistering Headache Starvation
Clover Exploration Masonry Shorter Duration Coaler's Cough
Coltsfoot Charisma Will Black-eyed Unfaced
Dandelion Psyche Marksmanship Smithing Fell Slash
Dewy Lady's Mantle Cooking Beesting Blistering Headache Starvation
Dill Shorter Duration Aching Joints Seal Finger Wretched Gore
Dusk Fern Intelligence Constitution Exploration Smithing
Edelweiß Longer Duration
Field Blewits Dexterity Unarmed Combat Longer Duration
Frog's Crown Stealth Shorter Duration Nettle Burn Scrapes & Cuts
Giant Puffball Intelligence Unarmed Combat Marksmanship Deep Cut
Glimmermoss Jellyfish Sting Maddening Rash Punch Sore Sand Flea Bites
Green Kelp Dexterity Psyche Stealth Shorter Duration
Heartsease Unarmed Combat Chills & Nausea Midge Bite Rot Gut
Indigo Cap
Kvann Farming Survival Adder Bite Nicks & Knacks
Lady's Mantle Adder Bite Deep Cut Nicks & Knacks Seal Finger
Lamp Stalk Strength Intelligence Adder Bite Jellyfish Sting
Lingonberries Melee Combat Carpentry Beesting Swollen Bumps
Mandrake Root Sewing Black-eyed Coaler's Cough Sand Flea Bites
Marsh-Mallow Marksmanship Crab Caressed
Mistletoe Cooking Bum Burn Coaler's Cough Nidburns
Morels Constitution Smithing Nidburns Rot Gut
Parasol Mushroom Masonry Lore Shorter Duration Dragon Bite
Perfect Autumn Leaf Unarmed Combat Smithing Lore Bum Burn
Royal Toadstool Intelligence Farming Blunt Trauma
Ruby Bolete Agility Constitution Nasty Wart
Rustroot Charisma Unarmed Combat Masonry Seal Finger
Sage Charisma Unarmed Combat Lore Asphyxiation
Sleighbell Fell Slash Nettle Burn
Snowtop Will Psyche Bruises Crab Caressed
Spindly Taproot Intelligence Perception Black-eyed Unfaced
Stalagoom Charisma Sewing Masonry Crab Caressed
Stinging Nettle Melee Combat Asphyxiation Crab Caressed Nasty Laceration
Strawberry Psyche Marksmanship Jellyfish Sting QuickSilver Poisoning
Tangled Bramble Cooking
Thorny Thistle Stealth Bum Burn Sand Flea Bites
Thyme Strength Unarmed Combat Carpentry Nicks & Knacks
Uncommon Snapdragon Longer Duration Maddening Rash Nasty Wart Nicks & Knacks
Washed-up Bladderwrack Unarmed Combat Adder Bite
Waybroad Charisma Nasty Laceration Scrapes & Cuts
Wild Windsown Weed Carpentry Bruises Hearth Burn QuickSilver Poisoning
White Truffles Nicks & Knacks
Yarrow Masonry Carpentry Nasty Wart Pipe Wheeze
Yellowfeet Cooking Lore Concussion Severe Mauling
Alabaster Survival Antcid Burns Blade Kiss Pipe Wheeze
Apatite Carpentry Farming Nicks & Knacks Scrapes & Cuts
Arkose Strength Perception Blunt Trauma Leech Burns
Basalt Stealth Smithing Adder Bite Asphyxiation
Bat Rock Charisma Chills & Nausea Nasty Laceration Rot Gut
Black Ore Sewing Nidburns Starvation
Bloodstone Black-eyed Coaler's Cough Leech Burns Nasty Wart
Breccia Agility Shorter Duration Bum Burn Cruel Incision
Cassiterite Will Stealth Survival Shorter Duration
Chalcopyrite Agility Beesting Blunt Trauma Chills & Nausea
Cinnabar Smithing Aching Joints Jellyfish Sting Rot Gut
Diabase Perception Dexterity Exploration
Diorite Agility Black-eyed Jellyfish Sting
Dolomite Will Marksmanship Crab Caressed Nasty Wart
Dross Strength Perception Unarmed Combat Lore
Feldspar Intelligence Sewing Bum Burn Nidburns
Flint Masonry Jellyfish Sting QuickSilver Poisoning Seal Finger
Fluorospar Psyche Lore Concussion Scrapes & Cuts
Gabbro Masonry Cooking Nettle Burn Severe Mauling
Galena Intelligence Stealth Pipe Wheeze Sand Flea Bites
Gneiss Unarmed Combat Carpentry Dragon Bite Starvation
Granite Marksmanship Stealth Cooking Severe Mauling
Heavy Earth Dexterity Farming Lore
Hornblende Carpentry Aching Joints Crab Caressed
Horn Silver Stealth Shorter Duration Blade Kiss Midge Bite
Iron Ochre Shorter Duration Nicks & Knacks Starvation
Korund Dexterity Shorter Duration Fell Slash Starvation
Kyanite Exploration Masonry Midge Bite Nidburns
Leaf Ore Will Masonry Bum Burn Nicks & Knacks
Limestone Dexterity Farming Concussion
Malachite Unarmed Combat Antcid Burns Nerve Damage Pipe Wheeze
Marble Perception Marksmanship Stealth Nasty Laceration
Mica Lore Dragon Bite Punch Sore
Microlite Masonry Survival Pipe Wheeze Unfaced
Olivine Dexterity Masonry Nerve Damage
Orthoclase Stealth Asphyxiation Coaler's Cough
Peacock Ore Marksmanship Stealth Jellyfish Sting
Porphyry Intelligence Perception Masonry Blunt Trauma
Rock Crystal
Quartz Constitution Unarmed Combat Exploration Sewing
Sandstone Marksmanship Aching Joints Hearth Burn Jellyfish Sting
Schist Exploration Masonry Cruel Incision Scrapes & Cuts
Schrifterz Cooking Shorter Duration Dragon Bite Swollen Bumps
Shard of Conch Carpentry
Silvershine Blunt Trauma Nasty Wart QuickSilver Poisoning Rot Gut
Slag Constitution Perception Dexterity Deep Cut
Slate Perception Survival Nicks & Knacks
Soapstone Psyche Dragon Bite Nasty Laceration Nettle Burn
Sodalite Lore Shorter Duration Crab Caressed Scrapes & Cuts
Zincspar Intelligence Exploration Scrapes & Cuts
Black Coal Masonry Cooking Antcid Burns
Cat Gold Intelligence Exploration Chills & Nausea Punch Sore
Dried Morels Constitution Smithing Carpentry Bum Burn
Fairy Mushroom Melee Combat Sewing Nicks & Knacks
Parboiled Morels Carpentry Jellyfish Sting Nicks & Knacks
Troll Mushrooms Smithing Masonry Blade Kiss Bum Burn