Clean Bird Carcass

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Clean Bird Carcass
Clean Bird Carcass.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Object(s) Required Cleaned Chicken, Cleaned Golden Eagle, Cleaned Magpie, Cleaned Mallard, Cleaned Pelican, Cleaned Ptarmigan, Cleaned Quail, Cleaned Rock Dove, Cleaned Seagull, Cleaned Swan, Cleaned Wood Grouse Cock, Cleaned Wood Grouse Hen
Required By (1) Stuffed Bird
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Clean Bird Carcass is not an actual in-game-object but a generic term referring to one of the following 12 game-objects:  Cleaned Chicken (3) Cleaned Chicken.png   Cleaned Golden Eagle (4) Cleaned Golden Eagle.png   Cleaned Magpie (4) Cleaned Magpie.png   Cleaned Mallard (3) Cleaned Mallard.png   Cleaned Pelican (1) Cleaned Pelican.png   Cleaned Ptarmigan (3) Cleaned Ptarmigan.png   Cleaned Quail (3) Cleaned Quail.png   Cleaned Rock Dove (2) Cleaned Rock Dove.png   Cleaned Seagull (2) Cleaned Seagull.png   Cleaned Swan (2) Cleaned Swan.png   Cleaned Wood Grouse Cock (2) Cleaned Wood Grouse Cock.png   Cleaned Wood Grouse Hen (2) Cleaned Wood Grouse Hen.png 

(n): (Superscript) Number of items in that generic type group.
(n): (Subscript) Number of crafts that specifically require this item, if any.

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