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Cloaks are long, thick coats, jackets and robes, often worn outside clothes but inside armor. They are generally highly attractive and often give good buffs in exchange for high materials required. They go in the seventh leftward equipment slot, fittingly named "Cloaks and Robes". Some interesting cloaks include:

  • The Druid's Cloak is a high-end cloak crafted some gold and silk, which has an optional hood that takes up your 1L Headgear slot. It also used to be a very unique item back in Legacy.
  • The Vapntreyiu (Norse for "arming shirt") is a tough padded battle dress worn under armor to soften blunt blows. It grants a decent bit of protection. It can be worn on 7L or 3L (shirts). It is the only piece of apparel that can be applied to the 7L slot that gives armor.
  • The Seer's Tunic is a theoretically unobtainable piece of the outfit worn by Jorb, one of the developers. It was stolen from him somehow near the end of the ninth world years ago.

Below is every cloak in the game.

"Light" cloaks can also be worn in the 3L Shirt slot.

  • Seer's Tunic does have a hood but it is a wholly separate item names Seer's Hood. It is unknown if it could slot into 3L.
Cloaks Hood Light
Druid's Cloak Yes No
Bear Coat No No
Fur Cloak No No
Hermine Cloak No No
Hide Cloak No No
Kozhukh No No
Lawspeaker's Robes No No
Leather Coat No No
Merchant's Robe No No
Plain Tabard No No
Scarlet Gown No No
Seer's Tunic No* No?*
Toga No No
Ashen Robes No Yes
Vapntreyiu No Yes