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Game Data

Link + Info By* HnH Topic Status
Haven Population / Uptime Tracker RedFox (HnH) HnH Topic: Haven Population / Uptime Tracker (2015-09-03) Online, Stable.
not_a_cat's Cookbook not-a-cat (HnH) HnH Topic: Cookbook (2018-06-03) Online, Abandoned, Outdated.
Kerrigan's Haven Material Design Tool (and general material previewer) Kerrigan (DPblH:HnH) HnH Topic: Hafen Material Design Tool (another one) (2018-11-26) Online, Stable.
Eye of Sauron (World Doomsday Camera) Loftar(dolda2000) (HnH) ... Online (Up to start new world.)
Haven&Hearth quality calculator (Google Spreadsheet) Drathvedro (rfxDarth: HnH) ... Online, Outdated.
Shubla's Cookbook Shubla (HnH) HnH Topic: Food Service Improved (2020-05-10) Online. (Unstable maintainer)
Backup of "Shubla's Cookbook" Irongete (HnH) HnH Topic: Hearthlands Food Site? (2022-12-21) Online, (Backup: 2022-12-21)
Shubla's World(14) map Shubla (HnH) HnH Topic: World Map ... (2020-05-10) Offline. (Unstable maintainer)
Irongete World(14) map Irongete (HnH) HnH Topic: World 14 Map (2023-01-22) Online.

Game Related

Link + Info By* HnH Topic Status
Alchemy visualizer "Convert boring alchemy formulas into beautiful images!" Yoda ([...]) ... Online

Informational Haven forum topics

  • (not including "Haven Forum Guides" links listed at RoB home page)
  • (Checked against available forum links in HnH Topic: H&H Guides (Updated: Aug 2020) post)
Haven forum topic By* Status
HnH Topic: How quality works (2009-10-22) Bigfish (HnH) (Unchecked, potentially outdated)
HnH Topic: Beginner Guide to Village Roles (2013-09-17) Ranma (HnH) (Unchecked)
HnH Topic: Grand List of Simple Questions - Post W13 version. (not relevant) Availeble
HnH Topic: Grand List of Simple Questions - Pre W13 version. (not relevant) Availeble, Archived.

Game Clients

Name Link(s) ... Status
Ender Forum topic ... Stable, (semi dormant).

External Communities

URL Language Type Status
http://www.havenandhearth.ru Russian / русский Forum / ... Offline/Gone
https://forums.jeuxonline.info/forum/172-1714/haven-and-hearth French / francaise Forum / ... ...
http://havenandhearth.eu Polish / polski Forum / ... ...
https://wikiwiki.jp/hnh-jp/ Japanese / 日本語 Wiki / ... ... (newer Jp)
http://wikiwiki.jp/viphnh/ Japanese / 日本語 Wiki / ... ... (older Jp)
... IRC / ... ...