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Game Data

Link + Info By* HnH Topic Status
not_a_cat's Cookbook not-a-cat (HnH) HnH Topic: Cookbook (2018-06-03) Online, Abandoned, Outdated.
Kerrigan's Haven Material Design Tool (and general material previewer) Kerrigan (DPblH:HnH) HnH Topic: Hafen Material Design Tool (another one) (2018-11-26) Online, Stable.
Eye of Sauron (World Doomsday Camera) Loftar(dolda2000) (HnH) ... (Only active near world endings.)
Haven&Hearth quality calculator (Google Spreadsheet) Drathvedro (rfxDarth: HnH) ... Online, Outdated.
Shubla's Cookbook Shubla (HnH) HnH Topic: Food Service Improved (2020-05-10) ???. (Unstable maintainer. Might work might not.)
First online w15 map ... HnH Topic: World Map ... (2023-10-14) Online. (Further development unclear)

Game Related

Link + Info By* HnH Topic Status
Alchemy visualizer "Convert boring alchemy formulas into beautiful images!" Yoda ([...]) ... Online

Informational Haven forum topics

  • (not including "Haven Forum Guides" links listed at RoB home page)
  • (Checked against available forum links in HnH Topic: H&H Guides (Updated: Aug 2020) post)
Haven forum topic By* Status
HnH Topic: How quality works (2009-10-22) Bigfish (HnH) (Unchecked, potentially outdated)
HnH Topic: Beginner Guide to Village Roles (2013-09-17) Ranma (HnH) (Unchecked)
HnH Topic: Grand List of Simple Questions - Post W13 version. (not relevant) Availeble
HnH Topic: Grand List of Simple Questions - Pre W13 version. (not relevant) Availeble, Archived.

Game Clients

Name Link(s) ... Status
Vanilla (the default developers client) See "About" & "Q&A" in Forum alongside the PLAY button. Most up-to-date client (of course). But lacking in feature compared to other (custom) clients. Stable.
Ender Forum topic Custom client that has been around the longest. The better beginners client. (mainly) Stable.
Development halted[1].
Kami Client Forum topic Fork of Ender client. Currently(2023-10) still somewhat in its initial stages. Stable, Active Development.
Requires at least Java 11.
Yoink Pasta Forum topic Revitalization of Shubla's Purus Pasta. With multi session and scripting support. Stable, Active Development.
Requires at least Java 17.
Nurgling Forum topic Client specialized in task automation. Stable, Active Development.
Requires at least Java ?.

External Communities

URL Language Type Status
http://www.havenandhearth.ru Russian / русский Forum / ... Offline/Gone
https://forums.jeuxonline.info/forum/172-1714/haven-and-hearth French / francaise Forum / ... ...
http://havenandhearth.eu Polish / polski Forum / ... ...
https://wikiwiki.jp/hnh-jp/ Japanese / 日本語 Wiki / ... ... (newer Jp)
http://wikiwiki.jp/viphnh/ Japanese / 日本語 Wiki / ... ... (older Jp)
... IRC / ... ...