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Legacy Haven & Hearth page.
"The RoB Wiki currently hosts information for both the current Haven & Hearth world as well as the legacy server. Please be aware that information relating to legacy should be found on pages with "legacy" in the name. While our editors have done their best to get things sorted, please be aware there may be some pages that haven't been moved properly and may still be flagged that the information is legacy and may not apply to the current world."

Just in case. There is a Legacy specific discussion page.

The Main game menu shows up as a 4 x 4 grid in the lower right corner of the main window. You can walk the menu using the mouse or using the hotkeys below.

This list is not complete (somewhat by intention). The combat tree should be as complete as possible, but in general only the menu nodes for the crafting and building tree are included (the individual products--although, they have hotkeys--are left out to leave the list a managable size).

Adventure A

  • Landscaping n
    • Harvest Crop H
    • Lay Stone L
    • Plant Grass G
    • Plow Field P
  • Travel e
    • ...to your Hearth Fire H
  • Build Fire F
  • Criminal Acts r
  • Destroy y
  • Dig D
  • Fish i
  • Form Village V
  • Lift L
  • Light Hearth Fire H
  • Map Area p
  • Mine M
  • Repair a
  • Stake Claim C
  • Toggle Swimming w
  • Toggle Tracking T

Build B

  • Construction C
    • Buildings U
    • Carts & Cogs C
  • Containers o
  • Furniture F
  • Metal Working M
  • Stone Working S
  • Tools T
  • Walls and Fences W

Combat m

  • Attacks k
    • "Knock his teeth out!" K
    • Arrow Shot w
    • Chop C
    • Cleave l
    • Punch P
    • Push the Advantage u
    • Sting S
    • Storm of Swords t
    • Strangle g
    • Valorous Strike V
  • Maneuvers M
    • Bloodlust B
    • Combat Meditation M
    • Death or Glory G
    • Dodge D
    • Shield S
  • Moves o
    • Charge! h
    • Dash! a
    • Jump! J
    • Push the Advantage u
    • Seize the Day! z
    • Slide! d
  • Special Moves S
    • Consume the Flames n
    • Fan the Flames F
    • No Pain, No Gain a
    • Opportunity Knocks O
    • Sidestep i
  • Quell the Beast Q
  • Shoot h

Craft C

  • Ceramics m
  • Cloth Making C
    • Capes and Cloaks k
    • Hats H
    • Material M
  • Cooking M
    • Baking B
  • Jewelry J
  • Leather Working L
  • Potions & Herbs P
  • Metal Working E
  • Tools T
    • Fishing Gear F
    • Ranged Weapons R