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Raw basic store-items data.
Version 2. (Ditched unmaintainable data & Checked up others
Intended for (potential) automated store-items re-formatting/-implementation change.
CSV updated up to 2021-05-09 (Stuffed Fireplace)

Data Format:
CSV: Mixed quoted, Coma delimited.

Name: Hat name.
Res_img: Resource used name.
Release-name: Patch name when initialy released.
Release-date: Patch date (ISO, GMT/UTC).
Type: "Patch", "Reset"(World reset patch), "Subsc"(Subscription), "AVH"(Account verification hat)
Non-subscription hats/items.
Price: Initial item price at first release. (INT)
Text: Item store text.
Aw-Bronze/-Silver/-Gold: (initially) Awarded to Subscription. (BOOL)
Ani: Animated item. (BOOL, kinda) - Probebly not up to date.
Additional Information: Rest information dump.

Record/data notes:
Contains two non head-ware store items (maintained here for data completeness) ("Protest Sign" & "Four Thousand Snowballs")
"--" Indicates not-applicable data.
"?" Indicates unknown.
Subscription price scheme's: Included to all related items, although there are only 2. (W8, and w9 and later)


Name,Res_img,Release-name,Release-date,Price,Type,"Text",Aw-Bronze,Aw-Silver,Aw-Gold,Anim,"Additional Information"
"The Green Hero's Cap",linkhat,"World 8",2015-08-28,15,AVH,--,--,--,--,,"Account verification hat."
"Pilgrim's Hat",pilgrimshat,"World 8",2015-08-28,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: B-30, $10; B-90, $27 (changed at W9 to current default)"
"Feathered Tricorne",tricorne,"World 8",2015-08-28,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: B-180, $48; S-30, $20; S-90, $51 (changed at W9 to current default)"
"Sherlock Hat",sherlockhat,"World 8",2015-08-28,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: B-365, $72; S-180, $90; G-30, $50 (changed at W9 to current default)"
"Sherrif's Hat",sheriffshat,"World 8",2015-08-28,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: S-365, $144; G-90, $120; G-180, $180 (changed at W9 to current default)"
Pickelhaube,pickelhaube,"World 8",2015-08-28,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: G-365, $300 (changed at W9 to current default)"
"Bicycle Helmet",bicyclehelmet,"World 10",2017-01-07,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: B-30, $7; B-90, $18"
Hardhat,hardhat,"World 10",2017-01-07,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: B-180, $33; S-30, $14; S-90, $35"
"Bobby Helmet",bobbyhelmet,"World 10",2017-01-07,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: B-365, $50; S-180, $63; G-30, $35"
Beerhat,beerhat,"World 10",2017-01-07,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: S-365, $100; G-90, $84; G-180, $126"
Stahlhelm,stahlhelm,"World 10",2017-01-07,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: G-365, $210"
"Turkey Topper",turkeytopper,"World 11",2019-02-01,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: B-30, $7; B-90, $18"
"Cap of the International Brigades",intbrigcap,"World 11",2019-02-01,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: B-180, $33; S-30, $14; S-90, $35"
"Navy Bicorne",navybicorne,"World 11",2019-02-01,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: B-365, $50; S-180, $63; G-30, $35"
"Crown of Lower Egypt",loweregyptcrown,"World 11",2019-02-01,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: S-365, $100; G-90, $84; G-180, $126"
"Crown of Upper Egypt",upperegyptcrown,"World 11",2019-02-01,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: G-365, $210"
"Jester's Cap",jesterscap,"World 12",2020-03-06,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: B-30, $7; B-90, $18"
"Black Guardsman's Cap",blackguardsmanscap,"World 12",2020-03-06,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: B-180, $33; S-30, $14; S-90, $35"
"Deputy's Hat",deputyshat,"World 12",2020-03-06,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: B-365, $50; S-180, $63; G-30, $35"
"Red Corsair's Hat",redcorsairshat,"World 12",2020-03-06,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: S-365, $100; G-90, $84; G-180, $126"
"Inquisitor's Hat",inquisitorshat,"World 12",2020-03-06,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: G-365, $210"
"Venetian Merchant's Cap",venetianmerchantscap,"World 13",2021-04-02,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: B-30, $7; B-90, $18"
"Carrot Top",carrottop,"World 13",2021-04-02,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: B-180, $33; S-30, $14; S-90, $35"
"Anarchist's Bowler",anarchistsbowler,"World 13",2021-04-02,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: B-365, $50; S-180, $63; G-30, $35"
"Admiral's Bicorne",admiralsbicorne,"World 13",2021-04-02,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: S-365, $100; G-90, $84; G-180, $126"
"Nemo's Helmet",nemoshelmet,"World 13",2021-04-02,--,Subsc,--,--,--,--,,"sub: G-365, $210"
"Four Winds Hat",fourwindshat,"A Far Green Country",2015-08-28,5,Reset,"New winds are blowing through the Hearthlands. Go native and catch four of them sporting this fine garment of most Thulean craftsmanship.",0,0,0,,
"Launch Helmet",launchhelmet,"A Far Green Country",2015-08-28,20,Reset,"In honor of boldly sending Hearthlings where none have gone before, we offer for a limited time only this exquisite Launch Helmet.",0,0,0,,
"Propeller Cap",propellercap,"A Far Green Country",2015-08-28,10,Reset,"When the game soars to new heights you don't want to be the one left behind without a propeller. Get yours while supplies last.",0,0,0,,
"Protest Sign",protestsign,"A Sound Badgering",2015-09-01,5,Patch,"Show up to the next game riot in style, with this thoughtful and politically conscious message of social justice. The devs do indeed suck, and with this sign you can tell 'em, and tell 'em good.",0,0,1,,"2017-01-07, $10"
"Nurse Hat",nursehat,"Without Batting an Eye",2015-09-03,5,Patch,"Some Hearthlings have professions, others have callings, and if this is yours, then you are hereby paged to the operating theater. Ms. Nightingale never did look spiffier than you will in this Nurse Hat.",0,1,1,,
"Victorian Bowler",victorianbowler,Rollin'-rollin'-rollin',2015-09-10,5,Patch,"Whether you are looking to dress up with the finest of the Fin de siècle, or just out for a little of the old doubleplus Ultraviolence, the Victorian Bowler always keeps your clockwork orange.",0,0,1,,
"Brown Paper Bag",brownpaperbag,"Musical Qualities",2015-09-22,5,Patch,"Have a face made for radio, and a voice made for IRC? Fret not! You too can become a confirmed bagouser with this instantly shame reducing Brown Paper Bag.",0,0,0,,
"Cat Hat",cathat,"Valhalla Rising",2015-10-02,5,Patch,"I will not let you fall. I will hold you up high. As I stand on a ball. With a book on one hand! And a cup on my hat!",0,0,0,,
"Witch Hat",witchhat,Samhain,2015-10-29,10,Patch,"Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.",0,1,1,,
"Four Thousand Snowballs",4ksnowballs,"Seasons Greetings",2015-12-17,5,Patch,"Tired of throwing your money away? Get some real value instead with this seasonal treat! Four Thousand Snowballs is a super snowball that can be used to throw, indeed, four thousand snowballs.",0,0,0,,2016-12-20
"Santa's Cap",santacap,"Seasons Greetings",2015-12-17,5,Patch,"Ho-ho-ho, and a merry christmas to one and all! Santa needs every ablebodied little helper on deck, so report in for duty with this festive Santa's Cap!",0,1,1,,2016-12-20
"Leprechaun's Hat",leprechaunshat,"World 9",2016-02-18,10,Reset,"Feeling like you've just found a pot of gold? Flaunt it with this marvellous headpiece!",0,0,0,,"Anyone who has bought for more than $30 has received a Leprechaun's Hat."
"Pharaoh's Crown",pharaoshat,"World 9",2016-02-18,15,Reset,"Set on becoming the next God-Emperor of the Upper and Lower Hearthlands? Let no King go uncrowned!",0,0,0,,"Anyone who has bought for more than $100 has received a Pharaoh's Crown."
Sombrero,sombrero,"World 9",2016-02-18,5,Reset,"Feeling like a relaxing siesta, señor? Or are you the fastest mouse in all of the Hearthlands? Arriba! Ándale!",0,0,0,,"Anyone who has bought anything from the store has received a Sombrero."
"Pirate Captain's Hat",piratehat,"My Horse is Amazing",2016-03-02,10,Patch,"Be ye a landlubber, or the terror o' the seven seas? Sail the Black Pearl all the way to Tortuga by yer onesies with this dreamboat of a hat.",0,0,0,,
"Campaign Cap",magahat,"Red Wheat",2016-11-09,10,Patch,"Make Haven Great Again! At some undefined point in the past, Haven was great, and by flying this red campaign cap, loud and proud, you strive to make it thus again! MHGA!",0,1,1,,
"Ashtray Hat",ashtrayhat,"World 10",2017-01-07,10,Reset,"If you haven't given up smoking yet, here's your chance to put the cigarettes out for good, in this Ashtray Hat well worth the cancer!",0,0,0,,
"Bluebell Hat",bluebellhat,"World 10",2017-01-07,10,Reset,"Hey there, flower child! This delightful bellbottom is the self-evident choice for anyone going to San Francisco!",0,0,0,,
"Devil's Diadem",devilsdiadem,"World 10",2017-01-07,5,Reset,"This raunchy diadem really brings out the devil in miss Jones, and is the obvious choice for Halloween and Eternal damnation alike!",0,0,0,,
Fez,fez,"World 10",2017-01-07,5,Reset,"The only option even worth considering whether sipping tea, smoking the hookah, or sacking Constantinople and invading the Balkans.",0,0,0,,
"Melon Helm",melonhelm,"World 10",2017-01-07,5,Reset,"Hot summer days are ahead, and it's important to keep your head cool. What better way than a slice of refreshing watermelon?",0,0,0,,
"Pimp Hat",pimphat,"World 10",2017-01-07,10,Reset,"You so fly, bitches don't even know! In this suave headpiece you'll be the King of street walkers and lounge lizards everywhere!",0,0,0,,
"Viking Helm",swedencap,"World 10",2017-01-07,10,Reset,"Swedun stronk! This authentic Viking helmet was discovered in a Gift Shop in Stockholm's Old Town. You're sure it's real.",0,0,0,,
"Robin Hat",robinhoodhat,"Boring Wormhole",2017-11-09,10,Patch,"A pox on the phony King of England! ... and a memory of those days spent nobly in the Sherwood, on crusade for sacred monarchy, and low taxes.",0,1,1,,"The Robin Hat will be awarded, free of charge, to all yearly gold and silver subscribers."
"Holy Halo",halo,"Two Birds With One Patch",2017-11-15,10,Patch,"A mere little indulgence can get you straight into this Heaven.",0,0,1,,
"Safari Hat",safarihat,"In Otter News",2017-11-23,10,Patch,"Many wild creatures roam the Hearthlands, and what better way to take in the sights than decked out in a stylish Safari Hat?",0,1,1,,
"Magician's Hat",magicianshat,"Bull Lizard",2017-11-29,10,Patch,"The accomplished Magician can always use a couple of extra aces up his stovepipe.",0,0,1,,
"Bluebucket Hat",bluebucket,"Princess Thraxyr's Endless Levee of Dreams",2017-12-07,5,Patch,"Dress dapperly in this the beach tourist's timless blue icon of style and flair.",0,1,1,,
"Freebooter's Slouch",freebootershat,"Flagging Butcher",2017-12-13,10,Patch,"Sail your Knarr to Tortuga dressed as this freewheeling Freebooter. Guaranteed to make no one look like a slouch!",0,0,1,,
"Package Hat",packagehat,"Silent Night",2017-12-20,10,Patch,"A seasonal opportunity to wrap yourself in the most stylish and luxurious wrapping available. This hat comes pre-packaged!",0,0,0,,
"Elf's Cap",elfcap,"Silent Night",2017-12-20,10,Patch,"Santa's Elves are hard at work during this time of year, wrapping candies and gifts for all. Will you be Santa's little helper?",0,0,1,,
"Nut Beret",nutberet,"Silent Night",2017-12-20,5,Patch,"If you're nuts for nuts, this hat is the nuts, but watch out for the squirrels!",0,1,1,,
"Highland Bonnet",highlandbonnet,"Potter's Ribeye",2018-01-11,10,Patch,"If you take the high road, while I take the low, then you'll be in Scotland before me, bonnie in your highland bonnet!",0,0,1,,
"Rasta Cap",rastacap,"Rasta Centipede",2018-01-18,10,Patch,"Praise Jah, mon, and beware how Babylon has no fruits. Haile Selassie!",0,1,1,,
"Air Marshal's Cap",airmarshalscap,"Cheesy Coracle",2018-01-25,10,Patch,"Throttle up, and prepare to take off for bluer skies decked out in the exquisite Air Marshal's Cap.",0,0,1,,
"Bishop's Mitre",bishopsmitre,"Navy Seals",2018-01-31,10,Patch,"Take the broad path to a bishopric to call your own with this stylish mitre. A little simony never hurt anyone, right?",0,0,0,,
"Phrygian Cap",phrygiancap,"Phrygian Barrel Basket",2018-02-08,10,Patch,"Engage in your very own little satanic revolt against throne and altar in this exquisite redcap of liberty. Liberté, egalité, fraternité!",0,1,1,,
"Valentine's Cylinder",valentinescylinder,"Valentine's Firefly",2018-02-15,10,Patch,"Amp up the lovemaking mood of any situation with this seductive cylinder, guaranteed to make your significant others swoon!",0,0,1,,
"Che's Beret",chesberet,"Wildgoat Turnip",2018-02-22,10,Patch,"Hola-la, you wild-eyed revolutionary Adonis among men. ¡Hasta la victoria siempre, Commandante!",0,1,1,,
"Full Metal Helmet",fullmetalhelmet,"Goat Sap",2018-03-01,10,Patch,"Born to kill! Be the first one on the block, to get your boy home in a box, decked out in this pithy Full Metal Helmet!",0,0,1,,
"Sultan's Turban",sultansturban,"Fighting Quail",2018-03-08,10,Patch,"All hail thee, most magnificent autocrat of the Sublime Porte!",0,1,1,,
"Mushroom Hat",mushroomhat,"Leek Whistle",2018-03-15,10,Patch,"You're sorry, but the princess is in another castle.",0,0,1,,
"Bearskin Cap",bearskincap,"Mexican Eagle",2018-03-22,10,Patch,"A five gun salute for her Majesty's most Royal Grenadiers!",0,1,1,,
"Plumber's Cap",plumberscap,"Sheared Standeeaster",2018-03-29,10,Patch,"It's-a me! ... keeping your head clean when dodging in and out of pipes and castles.",0,0,1,,
"Tinfoil Hat",tinfoilhat,"Bandy Rudolf",2018-04-05,10,Patch,"A state of the art, multilayered, tinfoil hat, to keep the transmissions from the Black Planet, and the Orbital Mind Control Laser, soundly out.",0,1,1,,
"Sailor's Cap",sailorscap,"Wood Grease",2018-04-12,10,Patch,"Skip-ahoy, landlubber! The love boat is about to set sail with a whole press-ganged crew of salty sea bears aboard. Join the Navy!",0,0,1,,
"Bat Hat",bathat,"A Bat out of Hell",2018-04-18,10,Patch,"Da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na -- Bat Hat! Bat Hat! Bat Hat! Pow! Sock! Zok!",0,1,1,,
"Strawberry Hat",strawberryhat,"Parka Blewit",2018-04-23,10,Patch,"Don't let anyone pick you up and turn you into a fruitcake while wearing this sweet hat in celebration of spring!",0,0,1,,
"Pink Bow",pinkbow,"Hookah Vines",2018-05-02,10,Patch,"Watch all the world bow before your obvious sense of grace and style, when dolled up with this pretty Pink Bow!",0,1,1,,
"Chicken Hat",chickenhat,"Pearl Slime",2018-05-07,10,Patch,"Pkaw! Don't lay all your eggs in one basket, but rather diversify your hat holdings with this eggcellent Chicken Hat!",0,0,1,,
"Martian's Hat",eyestalkhat,"A Beesting Easely",2018-05-14,10,Patch,"Hello, Hearthfriend, we come in peace! Fear not, but rather put this green, slimy scalphugger on and over your head!",0,1,1,Ani,
"Squid Hat",squidhat,"Cabinet Swarm",2018-05-21,10,Patch,"Excuse me, sir! Do you have a moment to talk about our dark lord and savior, Cthulhu?",0,0,1,Ani,
"Circus Director's Tophat",circusdirectorstophat,"Post Rose",2018-05-29,10,Patch,"This suave tophat will assure any prospective audience that no clowns are running your circus!",0,1,1,,
"Astrologer's Cone",astrologerscone,"Mercury Bones",2018-06-06,10,Patch,"The stars have foretold a wicked awesome new hat in the threads of your near future fate.",0,0,1,,
"Blueberry Hat",blueberryhat,"Ranger's Honey",2018-06-14,10,Patch,"A sweet hat to keep the blues away.",0,1,1,,
"Ant Hat",anthat,"Bony Antvatar",2018-06-19,10,Patch,"The perfect fit for any industrious hearthling seeking a spirit animal.",0,0,1,,
"Barbershop Boater",barbershopboater,"Boneyard Lantern",2018-06-26,10,Patch,"Just the thing if you're looking to start a quartet of manly-men a cappella singers!",0,1,1,,
"Princess' Cone",princesscone,"Display Tumor",2018-07-03,10,Patch,"A beautiful cone, for a beautiful lady, the future Queen of a beautiful Realm.",0,0,1,,
"Clownfish Hat",clownfishhat,"Lantern Footstool",2018-07-10,10,Patch,"Blubb-blubb! You'll look quite fishy in this aquatic chapeau. Blubb-blubb!",0,1,1,,
"Clap Cap",clapcap,"Oak Apple Gold",2018-07-18,10,Patch,"It's not claptrap, the Clap Cap really does clap! A big round of applause for an awesome hat!",0,0,1,,
"Frog Prince",frogprince,"Magnifying Cook",2018-07-24,10,Patch,"Never did you look more eminently kissable, than when you donned this crowned amphibian!",0,1,1,,
"Plumber's Plunger",plumbersplunger,"Locked Bollock",2018-07-31,10,Patch,"If you ever felt like you had something nasty lodged firmly between your shoulders, the Plumber's Plunger might be just the solution for your ails.",0,0,1,,
"Rat Hat",rathat,"Truffle Snout",2018-08-14,10,Patch,"Who's the leader of the club, that's made for you and me? Dum-de-dum, dum-de-dum, M-O-U-S-E!",0,1,1,,
"Sun Visor",sunvisor,"Wish upon a Star",2018-08-21,10,Patch,"Don't be a beach bum this season, and instead bring this sense of timeless style to the sun and surf!",0,0,1,,
"Duck Cap",duckcap,"Searchin' Angler",2018-08-28,10,Patch,"Don't duck out on this offer, but instead duck and cover under it. Quack!",0,1,1,,
"Bee Hat",beehat,"Fish in Murky Waters",2018-09-04,10,Patch,"Don't bee a wallflower and mizzz out on the beezzzt deal thizzz week!",0,0,1,,
"Saucepan Hat",saucepanhat,"Louse Bites",2018-09-10,10,Patch,"If you've ever felt the need to boil your brain in a saucepan, here's your chance!",0,1,1,,
"Flower Plush",flowerplush,"Dynamic Cow",2018-09-17,10,Patch,"A wonderful blend of Texas and California, served with a side of plush.",0,0,1,,
"Traffic Cone",trafficcone,"Fruitless Conch",2018-09-25,10,Patch,"Ensure there's never a jam in your cone head with this thinking cap.",0,1,1,,
"Bossa Nova Red",bossanovared,"Petrified Reindeer",2018-10-01,10,Patch,"Go gently into the night, don a flame of soot and crimson, and let the music ride you.",0,0,1,,
"Dustman's Stovepipe",duststove,"Moths in the Dill",2018-10-11,10,Patch,"You'll look like you've swept a lifetime of streets, earning, and looking like, millions in lost change.",0,1,1,,
"Autumn Bounty",autumnbounty,"Seated in Valhalla",2018-10-19,10,Patch,"All the bounty of the season, with pumpkins, and barley, and cobwebs glittering.",0,0,1,,
"Brain in a Jar",braininjar,"Frog Scholar",2018-10-26,10,Patch,"Have you ever felt like you needed some extra brainpower? Here's your chance to catch an upgrade!",0,1,1,,
"Cupcake Hat",cupcakehat,"Apiary Cupcake",2018-10-30,10,Patch,"Hey, cupcake! Whether at a gardenparty, or a simple afternoon tea, you'll look like a real sweetie in this piece of pastry styled headwear.",0,0,1,,
"Halloween Derby",halloweenderby,N/A,2018-10-31,5,Patch,"Boo! Spooky scary Halloween hats send shivers down your spine -- get yours while supplies last!",?,?,?,,"Special 'Halloween 2018' hat."
"Goggled Helmet",gogglehelmet,"Dressing Beeswarm",2018-11-06,10,Patch,"The latest in aviation and biker looks. Automatic bugwipes not included.",0,0,1,,
"Quest Giver's Stump",questhat,"Blazing Trellis",2018-11-15,10,Patch,"You have a feeling that the hat you're wearing may be the ill-gotten gain of a foul murder.",0,1,1,,
"Pineapple Panama",pineapplepanama,"Fishy Owl",2018-11-24,10,Patch,"Give your head a nice, shading cool, underneath your very own grove of pineapple.",0,0,1,,
Headset,headset,"Grid Strider",2018-11-27,10,Patch,"Who knows what maddening voices from the beyond speak to the wearer of this obscure artifact?",0,1,1,,
"Rudolf Kit",rudolfkit,"Christmas Antwolf",2018-12-14,5,Patch,"You know Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen, but do you recall the most famous reindeer of all?",0,1,1,,
"Strawberry Santa",santahat2018,"Christmas Antwolf",2018-12-14,5,Patch,"A seasonal gift in reminder of another season yet to come!",0,1,1,,
"Yule Top",yuletop,"Christmas Antwolf",2018-12-14,10,Patch,"Why not top off the season with a seasonal top? Jingle-bells!",0,0,1,,
"Centurion's Helm",centurionshelm,"World 11",2019-02-01,15,Reset,"Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant! Lead the legions into Gaul with nothing less than this spiffy symbol of auktoritas and gravitas.",0,0,0,,
"Conquistador's Helmet",conquistadorshelmet,"World 11",2019-02-01,15,Reset,"Set out to conquer the new world, and bring the natives to the true faith, but dress the part!",0,0,0,,
"Firefighter's Helmet",firefightershelmet,"World 11",2019-02-01,15,Reset,"You can extinguish any flame, but no water can extinguish the fire and passion in your soul that this hat brings!",0,0,1,,
"Parasol Mushroom Hat",parasolhat,"World 11",2019-02-01,5,Reset,"Stand tall and proud, as if after rain, in the optimal interface between light and shade, in this Parasol Mushroom Hat!",0,0,0,,
"Rattlesnake Stetson",rattlesnakestetson,"World 11",2019-02-01,10,Reset,"With this hat on, you could be the wildest cowboy west of the Pecos. Dueling Banjos!",0,1,1,,
"Thinking Cap",thinkingcap,"World 11",2019-02-01,5,Reset,"Is it a thinking cap, or a full blown lobotomy, and is there really a difference? Try it out!",0,0,0,,
Tsoksha,tsoksha,"World 11",2019-02-01,10,Reset,"What is the sound of one hearthling hearthing, oh enlightened one? Become one with the nature of being in this symbol of religious authority.",0,0,0,,
"University Mortarboard",mortarboard,"World 11",2019-02-01,10,Reset,"You have graduated from the school of hard knocks at the very least, and can proudly wear the symbol of distinguished academia!",0,0,0,,
"Welding Mask",weldingmask,"World 11",2019-02-01,5,Reset,"Oil up, and flex your muscles under a shower of sparks from your welding torch with this protective headgear. You're metal, and you know it!",0,1,1,,
"Governor's Tricorne",governorstricorne,"Smoking Mollusk",2019-02-05,10,Patch,"Govern the colonies in swag and style with this triangular topper. Top o' the mornin', govnah'!",0,1,1,,
"Valentine's Top",valentinestop,"Pushing Millet",2019-02-13,10,Patch,"Asking your darling dreamboat out on a date for Valentine's? Bring the heavy artillery to bear with this terrific top!",0,0,1,,
"Antenna Hat",antennahat,"Jelly Kebab",2019-02-20,10,Patch,"Too much interference in your life? Noise to signal ratio out of whack? Perhaps you should consider improving your reception with a sharper antenna? Rundfunk!",0,1,1,,
"Cavalry Hat",cavalryhat,"Flag on the Moonmoth",2019-02-28,10,Patch,"If you want to have a good time, jine the Cavalry! It's always on time!",0,0,1,,
"Imperial Navy Cap",standartcap,"Sandy Scrimshaw",2019-03-06,10,Patch,"Set sail for better times aboard a ship of the Imperial navy. All aboard! Anchors aweigh!",0,1,1,,
"Hipster's Skullcap",hipstersskullcap,"Stony Bird's Nest",2019-03-12,10,Patch,"Display your intimate relationship with the hereafter with this piece of transient vanity. Bling-bling!",0,0,1,,
Jaws!,sharkhat,"Rhyme of the Ancient Seamark",2019-03-21,5,Patch,"Dun-dun-dun-dun. Watch out above! Sharp fins, biting things! We're going to need a bigger boat!",0,1,1,,
"Pirate's Bandana",piratesbandana,"Loving Lobster",2019-03-27,10,Patch,"Yarr, matey! Sail off to Tortuga, or Davy Jones' Locker, dressed in style. Mutineerin' scallywags!",0,0,1,,
"Flamenco Bobble Trim",flamencobobble,"Siege Chess",2019-04-03,10,Patch,"Let the rhythm of the dance sweep you away in fiery flamenco! Arriba!",0,1,1,,
"Rabbit Hat",rabbithat,"Studded Rabbit",2019-04-10,10,Patch,"Eeh, what's up, doc? Don't be a harebrain -- get your stylish Rabbit Ear Hat while supplies last.",0,0,1,,
"Monster Cap",monstercap,"Bog Turtle Boogaloo",2019-04-18,10,Patch,"You thought you heard a monster shimmying under your bed, so you crawled under there to look, but didn't find anything. False alarm!",0,1,1,,
"Flower Bowler",flowerbowler,"Mead & Cider",2019-04-25,10,Patch,"Plant a garden full of sunshine, and carry a flower wherever you go.",0,0,1,,
"Drum Major's Cap",drummajorscap,"Cigar Box",2019-05-05,10,Patch,"Ah-ram-tam-tam! Don't let anyone rain on your parade while clad in this stylish Major's cap! Drum roll!",0,1,1,,
"Scarecrow's Hat",scarecrowshat,"Perry Flotsam",2019-05-08,10,Patch,"You don't need much of a brain to follow the yellow-brick catwalk to this fashion statement of style and class!",0,0,1,,
"Totem Hat",totemhat,"Beating Chest Totem",2019-05-31,10,Patch,"Please the Great Manitou, and climb higher on the social totem pole, with this exhibition of creative idolatry!",0,1,1,,
"French Fried Hat",frenchfriedhat,"Rat Fries",2019-06-04,10,Patch,"Nothing like a side-order of style and tastefully executed corporate merch. Extra salt?",0,0,1,,
"Ceiling Fan",ceilingfan,"Ceiling Pear",2019-06-15,10,Patch,"Don't bring a propeller cap to a ceiling fan fight, and be careful not to put it in reverse, or you might fly away.",0,1,1,,
"Wind Top Hat",windtophat,"Butchered Bollocks",2019-06-27,10,Patch,"It's windy at the top, and nothing illustrates it better than this Windy Top Hat: It really blows!",0,0,1,,
"Hunting Hat",huntinghat,"Stalking Garden",2019-07-10,10,Patch,"Let horns blow, dogs slip, and call to the great wild hunt, clad in the appropriate garb of seasonal fashion.",0,0,1,,
"Kitsune Cap",foxcap,"Indicator Thyme",2019-07-17,10,Patch,"Manifest as the woodland spirit animal of everybody's choice, in the colorful and friendly Kitsune Cap!",0,1,1,,
"Frog Cap",frogcap,"Fealty Fountain",2019-07-25,10,Patch,"Become the undisputed king croaker of the swamp in this suave Frog Cap. Ribbit!",0,0,1,,
Elephat,elephat,"Wandering Chevon",2019-07-31,10,Patch,"Trumpets blast for the king of the savannah! You too can feel the call of the herd in this elefantastic headgear!",0,1,1,,
"Mortar & Pestle Hat",mortarhat,"Basket Pointer",2019-08-08,10,Patch,"Have some thinking you need to break down? Grind away at any problem with thorough, abrasive action on the ole' noggin!",0,0,1,,
"Little Green Hat",littlegreenhat,"Season's Greetings",2019-08-21,10,Patch,"Is there life on Mars? The debate over this timeless question rages, as little green hats suddenly appear all over the Hearth! Beep-bop!",1,1,1,,
"Clockwork Hat",clockworkhat,"Fall Time Frolicking",2019-08-28,10,Patch,"Tick-tock, goes the clock! Take a more gaslit view of the Hearthlands, dressed in a goggled Clockwork Hat of steamworks and magick obscura!",0,0,1,,
"Overgrown Tophat",overgrowntophat,"Kicksleddin' on Thin Ice",2019-09-04,10,Patch,"A mad hatter left his top in a garden, and, after a while, the weeds and 'shrooms made of it a happy home.",0,1,1,,
"Winged Cap",wingedcap,"Spring Chicken",2019-09-12,10,Patch,"Your imagination may well grow wings and take flight, capped off with the Winged Cap!",0,0,1,,
"Half-Moon Cowboy",halfmooncowboy,"Key Knarr Combat",2019-09-27,10,Patch,"Ride and rope in the wild hunt of the starry heavens with the Half-Moon Cowboy!",0,1,1,,
"Helsing Hat",helsinghat,Snekkja,2019-10-02,10,Patch,"Shadowless horrors haunting the night? Beasts unseen to mirrors? Strange mists, and the cries of bats on fell winds? Stakes at the ready!",0,0,1,,
"Rhubarb-Plumed Helmet",rhubarbhelm,"Nothing but Testing",2019-10-10,10,Patch,"A knight errant in shining armor, traveling garden plots far and wide in search for dragons, or catterpillars, to slay.",0,1,1,,
"Bluejay's Cap",bluejayscap,"Glimmer Thatch",2019-10-16,7,Patch,"If you're happy as a lark, sing a note, and gallivant through meadows and fields in the happy minstrel's Bluejay's Cap!",0,0,1,,
"Muckraker's Fedora",muckrakersfedora,"Hit Sting",2019-10-24,10,Patch,"M'lady! Tip your fedora to the uncoverer of the sleaziest secrets of worlds both government and corporate, the intrepid Muckraker!",0,1,1,,
"Oogie-Boogie Hat",oogieboogiehat,Shieldswipe,2019-10-31,7,Patch,"Mr. Oogie-Boogie Hat! This is a strange one, full of cobwebs, and with a mean look as if it could eat you!",0,0,1,,
"Banana Panama",bananapanama,"A Low Blow",2019-11-07,7,Patch,"Have you been loading the banana boat all night long? Relax under the palm trees in the suave Banana Panama!",0,1,1,,
"Patriotic Pilotka",patrioticpilotka,"Patriotic Takedown",2019-11-14,7,Patch,"Join the comrades in expelling fascism from the the Great Motherland, dressed in the Patriotic Pilotka.",0,0,1,,
"Grandee's Hat",grandeeshat,"Grandee's Horse",2019-11-21,10,Patch,"Dress in the garb of their most catholic majesties' court, with the exquisite opulence of the Grandee's Hat.",0,1,1,,
"Leonardo's Cap",leonardoscap,"Feasting Leonardo",2019-12-11,10,Patch,"Become the father of all invention, dressed up in the renaissance fair prop par excellance, the Leonardo's Cap!",0,1,1,,
"Candy Cane Bowler",candycanebowler,"Orca Christmas",2019-12-21,5,Patch,"Nothing like a stick of candy when out bowling through the snow, to get into the proper spirit of the season!",0,1,1,,
"Christmas Cowboy",christmascowboy,"Orca Christmas",2019-12-21,15,Patch,"Real heroes do not wear neither black, nor white, but red, and green, and gold, and you to can become a bona fide reindeer wrangler, with the Christmas Cowboy Hat!",0,0,0,,
"Christmas Gnome's Cap",christmasgnomescap,"Orca Christmas",2019-12-21,10,Patch,"Santa can always use another li'l helper to lend a hand and ear around the Yuletide!",0,0,1,,
"Spring Wizard's Hat",springwizardshat,"Spring Cleaning",2020-01-12,10,Patch,"A scent of flowers on the wind hints of longer days, and warmer nights, and of water running in brooks anew.",0,0,1,,
"Taxidermist's Top",taxidermiststop,"A Fistful of Love",2020-01-19,10,Patch,"A soft scent of formaldehyde and death lingers wherever the wearer of this hat goes.",0,1,1,,
"Minstrel's Cap",minstrelscap,"An Arrow to the Knee",2020-02-02,10,Patch,"The bells announce the Minstrel long before his song is heard.",0,0,1,,
"Burning Man Hat",burningmanhat,"World 12",2020-03-06,6,Reset,"Like, we're all one, man! Feed your inner hippie a healthy dose of psychadelics dressed in the Burning Man Hat!",0,0,0,,
"Cavalier's Hat",cavaliershat,"World 12",2020-03-06,12,Reset,"Dieu et mon Droit! Fight for justice, and the true King of England, in the white feathered Cavalier's Hat!",0,0,0,,
"Cool Summer Hat",coolsummerhat,"World 12",2020-03-06,6,Reset,"Light as a summer breeze, with a soft touch of silk and satin, and a bow on top.",1,1,1,,
"Ghost Dancer's Bowler",ghostdancersbowler,"World 12",2020-03-06,9,Reset,"The Great Manitou speaks of many things hidden, come, join the Ghost Dance, and let all be revealed.",0,0,0,,
"Laced Top Hat",lacedtophat,"World 12",2020-03-06,9,Reset,"Lace, and leather, and a hint of a steamy age gone by. Dress your best in the Laced Top Hat!",0,1,1,,
"Rabbit Wizard's Hat",rabbitwizardshat,"World 12",2020-03-06,12,Reset,"The perennial question: Does a rabbit wizard pull rabbits, or wizards, out of his Rabbit Wizard's Hat?",0,0,1,,
"Starfox Cap",starfoxcap,"World 12",2020-03-06,12,Reset,"Become the wiliest privateer ever to criss cross the known stars, and let them know you by your Starfox Cap!",0,0,0,,
"Tiger Bowler",tigerbowler,"World 12",2020-03-06,6,Reset,"Got a tiger in your tank? Become the undisputed gentleman of the jungle in the elegant Tiger Bowler.",0,0,0,,
"Wood Gnome's Cap",woodgnomescap,"World 12",2020-03-06,9,Reset,"Deep in the woods, underneath a hollow stump, there once lived a gnome, who wore a hat made from spring flowers and barleycorn.",0,0,0,,
"Galleon Captain's Hat",galleoncaptainshat,"Searching for Action",2020-03-11,9,Patch,"A lumbering ship, laden with plundered gold, and a captain worthy of sailing her safely to port.",0,1,1,,
"Starry Wizard's Hat",starrywizardshat,"Frozen Mushroom",2020-03-22,9,Patch,"You will be a sky full of stars and magic in the Starry Wizard's Hat!",0,0,1,,
"Sleuth's Hat",sleuthshat,"Dressed in Ermine",2020-03-29,9,Patch,"No crime will escape the discering eyes of anyone with a keen enough eye to don the Sleuth's Hat.",0,1,1,,
"Skipper's Cap",skipperscap,"Tough Cordage",2020-04-05,9,Patch,"No landlubbers need bother donning the most seaworthy cap to ever sail the salty brine.",0,0,1,,
"Checkers & Chains",chainstove,"Bound in Checkers",2020-04-12,9,Patch,"A beautiful checkered stove hat, topped with a golden chain, and a red feather. Check mate, and sold!",0,1,1,,
"Poacher's Hat",poachershat,"Mine Jesus",2020-04-19,9,Patch,"Arrows fired by moonlight, and the tail of a fox stolen from a lord's domain.",0,0,1,,
"Birch Hat",birchhat,"Garden Bell",2020-04-26,9,Patch,"Spring has caused a strange and peculiar sap to go to your head, and you feel a little dizzy. Surely nothing to worry about!",0,1,1,,
"Chantrelle Hat",chantrellehat,"Smoked 'Shroom",2020-05-03,9,Patch,"Have you seen Mr. Chantrelle, out on Juniper hill? Dress the part in the Chantrelle Hat!",0,0,1,,
"Zebra Rodeo",zebrarodeo,"Smoked Zebra",2020-05-10,9,Patch,"Earn your stripes by not getting thrown off the back of this bucking bargain! Yahoo!",0,0,1,,
"LED Cap",ledcap,"Creel Quern",2020-05-17,9,Patch,"Light up the darkness with this fashion statment. It has glowing reviews!",0,0,1,,
"Tomato Grower's Hat",tomatogrowershat,"Render Dock",2020-05-28,9,Patch,"Come on, katch-up! The Tomato Grower's cap is quickly becoming all the rage. Get yours while supplies last!",0,1,1,,
"Lightning Bowler",lightningbowler,"Smoked Help",2020-06-28,9,Patch,"Thunderbolts and Lightning, very-very frightening, indeed! Light up any party in this shocking Bowler!",0,1,1,,
"Painter's Beret",paintersberet,"Olive Pigment",2020-07-04,9,Patch,"Paint all your problems into beautiful birds, against a backdrop of radiant sunset, dressed in the Painter's Beret!",0,0,1,,
"Warlock's Familiar",warlocksfamiliar,"Sails Furled",2020-07-11,9,Patch,"Wicked tongues whisper that the Warlock's hat is a species of squid, whose one eye has beheld secrets Hearthlings were not meant to know.",0,1,1,,
"Gentleman's Fedora",gentlemansfedora,"Pink Angler",2020-07-19,9,Patch,"M'lady. Dress like a true alpha among men with the swagger of a man illuminated by science and reason alone.",0,0,1,,
"Ice Cream Top",icecreamtop,"Creamy Crop Circle",2020-07-22,9,Patch,"I scream, for ice cream, and, dressed in the Ice Cream Top, you look all set to deliver the goods! Cold treats abound!",0,1,1,,
"Hat House",hathouse,"Alchemical Adventures",2020-07-31,9,Patch,"What manner of strange mice have taken up refuge in ye olde attic lately? A rustic but worthy cabin!",0,0,1,,
"Mountain Top",mountaintop,"Through a Glass Darkly",2020-08-16,9,Patch,"Real estate for sale: Sunny Mountain Top with tall peak above the clouds, and your very own river. Several trees.",0,1,1,,
"Flower Power Cap",hippiecap,"Beehive Fields Forever",2020-08-23,9,Patch,"You have every reason to believe that this cap is powered by 100% renewable energy.",0,0,1,,
"Nightingale's Cap",nightingalecap,"Circle the Wagon",2020-08-30,9,Patch,"Somewhere in the cool of the night, a bird sings softly of adventure, of wondrous things, and of love that conquers all.",0,1,1,,
"Crooked Stovepipe",crookedstovepipe,"Pigeon Rock",2020-09-06,9,Patch,"Ashen grey with soot, reminiscent of a foul rite conducted by strange moonlight, with the planets aligned.",0,0,1,,
"Vagabond's Cap",vagabondscap,"Homing Dove",2020-09-20,9,Patch,"Travel to the ends of the Hearth, and back again, in the style of a true wanderer, and vagabond.",0,1,1,,
"Big Kahuna",bigkahuna,"UI Scaling",2020-10-11,9,Patch,"Light your tiki-torch, and offer up a sacrifice of coconuts and surfboards to the Big Kahuna, god of the volcano!",0,0,1,,
"Ace of Spades",aceofspades,"Setting Icons",2020-10-18,9,Patch,"This bowler dreams of high-stakes in smoky rooms, fortune telling from stacked decks, and vengeance, served cold.",0,1,1,,
"Autumn Witch's Hat",autumnwitchhat,"Map Rework",2020-11-01,9,Patch,"The last incantations of fall, spoken by fiery maples, to rime frosted leaves, under a harvest moon.",0,0,1,,
"The Graveyard Shift",graveyardshift,"Off Grid",2020-11-08,9,Patch,"A hat for late hours, for excursions by mist and moonlight, and for burying cold bones in shallow graves.",0,1,1,,
"Flagship Captain's Hat",flagshipcaptain,Twinkle-Twinkle,2020-11-16,9,Patch,"A hat to chart the clouds, and bravely dare the open skies. All aboard, and anchors aweigh! Yonder, the zeppelin rises!",0,0,1,,
"Lock & Key",lockandkey,"Cattle Time",2020-11-29,9,Patch,"The silver key unlocks the golden chain, but what strange treasure, or hidden wisdom, is held in chains?",0,1,1,,
"Moon Cap",mooncap,"Upon Further Inspection",2020-12-06,9,Patch,"A half moon risen over blue seas, reflecting heavenly gold in the waves.",0,0,1,,
"Evil Eye Hat",evileyehat,"Chicken Run",2020-12-13,9,Patch,"A strange curse incanted against all wrong-doers, and held aloft for them to see.",0,0,1,,
"Christmusketeer's Hat",christmusketeershat,"Merry Gingerbread!",2020-12-20,10,Patch,"All for one, and one for all, and all for the merriest season of all!",0,0,1,,
"Crown of the Magi",magicrown,"Merry Gingerbread!",2020-12-20,15,Patch,"A crown for wise men, and kings, to bring gifts to the king who is to be.",0,0,0,,
"Yule Bell",yulebell,"Merry Gingerbread!",2020-12-20,5,Patch,"A ding, and a dong, in festive celebration of seasons turning.",0,1,1,,
"Highway Man's Hat",highwaymanhat,"Onion & Bacon",2021-01-10,9,Patch,"A hat for stalking the most dangerous prey, and lie in ambush along dark, foggy, roads.",0,0,1,,
"Spider Farmer's Hat",spiderfarmershat,"Wind in the Willows",2021-01-17,9,Patch,"Spun in the finest silk by tireless eight-legged weavers, and dressed to their tastes.",0,1,1,,
"Exotic Hat",exotichat,"Smoked Hedgedog",2021-01-24,9,Patch,"Sweet scented plumes, borrowed from some faraway rainforest, and wafting an air more tropical.",0,0,1,,
"Merry Green Hat",merrygreenhat,"Roe, Roe, Roe yer Boat",2021-01-31,9,Patch,"Up since well before dawn, to greet the first rising sun of May, and welcome in the summertime.",0,1,1,,
"Spring Vagabond's Cap",springvagabondscap,"Mushroom Circle",2021-02-21,9,Patch,"To wander with the seasons, to go where the feet are willing, and to chase a horizon more distant.",0,1,1,,
"Tombstone Stetson",tombstonestetson,"Seaworthy Movement",2021-02-28,9,Patch,"Recalling untimely death, and smelling of gunsmoke from some forsaken corral.",0,0,1,,
"Mr. Moneybags",moneybags,"Ghost Apple Gelatin",2021-03-05,9,Patch,"This hat is legal tender for all debts, public and private.",0,1,1,,
"Barbarossa's Hat",barbarossashat,"World 13",2021-04-02,14,Reset,"A hat to sail the stormy seas, a-yo-ho-ho, and a pirate's life for me.",0,0,0,,
"Chimney Sweep's Hat",chimneysweepshat,"World 13",2021-04-02,6,Reset,"Black with the soot of a thousand chimneys, blue from the skies over a thousand roofs, and gold, like dawn swiftly breaking.",0,0,0,,
"Cyclopean Cap",cyclopeancap,"World 13",2021-04-02,18,Reset,"A strange old cap, washed up in a storm on some forlorn beach. Fleshy to the touch, and whispering a sweet madness.",0,0,0,,
"Foul Hat",foulhat,"World 13",2021-04-02,8,Reset,"A foul old thing, moist with unmentionable grime, and reeking as if from some ghastly, untold secret.",0,1,1,,
"Gardener's Hat",gardenhat,"World 13",2021-04-02,10,Reset,"A roofspace garden with a view, thriving with life and abundance. It gives you butterflies!",0,0,0,,
"Heart of Gold",heartofgold,"World 13",2021-04-02,12,Reset,"Proudly displaying to the world your pure intentions, cast in a Heart of Gold.",0,0,1,,
"Inkblot Top",inkblothat,"World 13",2021-04-02,16,Reset,"Spewing blots of ink wherever it goes, yet always remaining a sheet unwritten.",0,0,0,,
"Rat Catcher's Hat",ratcatchershat,"World 13",2021-04-02,4,Reset,"Whistling a strange old tune, and calling to it all manner of strange kritters of the night.",1,1,1,,
"Weirding Hat",weirdinghat,"World 13",2021-04-02,2,Reset,"A worn out old hat, from burlap made, and infused with strange, mystical life.",0,0,0,,
"Lucky Purple",luckypurple,"Colorful Crucible",2021-04-11,9,Patch,"Promising 6s double, fortunes untold, and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.",0,1,1,,
"Hat Against Time",hatagainsttime,"Provincial Oven",2021-04-18,9,Patch,"Always on time, always late, and ever fleeing the time passing.",0,0,1,,
"Temujin's Cap",temujinscap,"Fishing for Finery",2021-04-25,9,Patch,"Trampling thrones 'neath thundering hoof, the Khan of Great Tartary rides. All hail, the Khan of Khans!",0,1,1,,
"Nightwatchman's Top",nightwatchmanstop,"Pelican Pool",2021-05-02,9,Patch,"Another night on the beat, to keep the good citizens of the Hearth safe, and to protect and serve.",0,0,1,,
"Rum Smuggler's Hat",rumsmugglershat,"Stuffed Fireplace",2021-05-09,9,Patch,"This hat crossed the border at midnight, carrying a secret cargo of contraband for speakeasies and backroom bars.",0,1,1,,
"Homburg Hombre",homburghombre,"Bumble Pyre",2021-05-16,9,Patch,"This hat rode with Pancho Villa, paid in gold, and smelling of powder.",0,0,1,,
"Rainy Day Cap",rainydaycap,"Tar Plow",2021-05-23,9,Patch,"Drip-drip-drop, it doesn't seem to stop. Drop-drop-drip, careful lest you slip.",0,1,1,,
"Musketeer's Tricorne",musketeerstricorne,"Oyster Meteor",2021-06-06,9,Patch,"A tale of dashing rapiers, of camraderie, of chivalry, and good causes.",0,0,1,,
"Flaming Bowler",flamingbowler,"Possessed Purse",2021-06-13,9,Patch,"Is it just you, or is it hot ouside today? Look sizzling in the littest hat ever dropped!",0,1,1,,
"Chopstick Wizard",chopstickwizard,"Still Brandy",2021-06-19,9,Patch,"Chopsticks at the ready, animated by some mystical force, to catch even the tiniest morsel mid flight.",0,0,1,,
"Carrot & Stick Hat",carrotandstickhat,"Well Planted Calvados",2021-07-18,9,Patch,"Chasing an ever moving goalpost can both be, and require, that extra spark of motivation.",0,1,1,,
Skullcracker,skullcracker,"Roe Stuffed Fixes",2021-07-25,9,Patch,"When you'd give anything for an extra weapon slot.",0,0,1,,
"Strawberry Bowler",strawberrybowler,"Strawberry Turpentine",2021-08-01,9,Patch,"Sweet to the taste, juicy beyond all belief, and promising endless summer.",0,1,1,,
"Cineaste's Hat",cineasteshat,"Rocking Lemon",2021-08-08,9,Patch,"King-sized popcorn, a double-gulp slurpee, and two tickets for 'Vivre sa vie'.",0,0,1,,
"Scribbler's Nightcap",scribblersnightcap,"Incorrupt Rabbit",2021-08-15,9,Patch,"Having long since burned the midnight oil, this hat scribbles its strange calculations by the lights of moon and candle.",0,1,1,,
"Trucker Cap",truckercap,"Raw Trucker",2021-09-05,9,Patch,"This cap has endless miles under its wheels, packin' a truckload of trouble.",0,0,1,,
"Star Top",startop,"Hungry Hat",2021-09-23,9,Patch,"When you wish upon a star, do so in style and flair!",0,1,1,,
"Oil Magnate's Hat",oilmagnateshat,"Ancestral Ropewalk",2021-10-17,9,Patch,"This hat was there when WTI crude dropped below zero, and had a brimful delivered by tanker.",0,0,1,,
"Hatter's Top",hatterstop,"Harvest Skis",2021-10-21,9,Patch,"Stolen away from some long forgotten tea party, in a garden strange.",0,1,1,,
"Pumpkin Witch's Hat",pumpkinwitch,"Yesteryear's Patch",2021-10-28,9,Patch,"Dressed in pumpkin flowers of fall, and riddling autumnal magic and harvest moons.",0,0,1,,
"Suave Jungle Hat",suavejunglehat,"Iced Bait",2021-11-07,9,Patch,"An artifact from a bygone age, when mighty, apex lounge lizards dominated the club scenes.",0,1,1,,
"Spy Hat",spyhat,"Starboard Bough",2021-11-14,9,Patch,"Whatever shadowy organization or purpose this hat serves, it is one with an impeccable sense of style.",0,0,1,,
"All Weather Hat",allweatherhat,Spy-with-Eye,2021-11-21,9,Patch,"This hat leaves you dressed for success regardless of rain, sleet, or snow.",0,1,1,,
"Feathered Bowler",featheredbowler,"Charter Shoo",2021-12-05,9,Patch,"This hat emerged from the jungle, whispering tales of the Seven Cities of Ciabola, and of the Feathered Serpent.",0,0,1,,
"Igloo Saturne",igloosaturne,"Merry Igloo!",2021-12-19,5,Patch,"It is said that elves live on the edge of its rim, in celebration of Christmas without end.",0,1,1,,
"Christmas Treetop",christmastreetop,"Merry Igloo!",2021-12-19,10,Patch,"Up since dawn, selling a forest of Christmas Trees, freezing, but blessing the joyous season.",0,0,1,,
"Christmas Sprucecap",christmaspineplush,"Merry Igloo!",2021-12-19,15,Patch,"A mere beginner at the Christmas festivities, this hat nevertheless shines with starry optimism.",0,0,0,,
"Lettuce Hat",lettucehat,"Rotating Wolfdog",2022-01-16,9,Patch,"Let us have seen, lovely lettuce that, folded a hat, of salad green!",0,1,1,,
"D6 Hat",d6hat,"Raft Notified",2022-01-23,9,Patch,"Far less random than it seems, most of these dice are loaded.",0,0,1,,