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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)


Simple usage example:

{{ambox | text = Some text.}}

Some text.


| type = content
| text = Warning - Some text.

Warning - Some text.

Available List of parameters

| type       = delete / content / style / notice / move / protected
| image      = Picture.Png / Picture.Png|alt=Picture (if the parameter does not present, default type icon will be supplied)
| text       = Text for a big box, for the top of articles.

| style      = Different table style. (preferably should not be used)
| text-style = same as the above for text.

Article message box types

The following examples use different type parameters but use no image parameters thus they use the default images for each type.


type=delete – Deletion issues, such as {{delete}}.


type=content – Content issues.


type=style – Style issues.


type=notice – Article notices.


type=move – Merge, split and transwiki proposals.


type=protected – Protection notices.

Other images

The default images shown above are mostly for convenience. In many cases it is more appropriate to use more specific images. These example use the image parameter to specify an image other than the default images.

| type  = notice
| image = wiki-gears.png
| text  = Something Something Something 

Something Something Something

Known issues

Text is placed outside the am-box when used on an auto-indented line. (falls outside general intended usage)

| type  = delete
| text  = type=<u>delete</u> – Deletion issues, such as {{t|delete}}.

type=delete – Deletion issues, such as {{delete}}.

NTS: Potentially something to do with CSS and HTML block-elements. Check RoB CSS code/behaviour against other online MW versions, Might be outdated/issue with initial Wikia imported CSS codes. (--.MvGulik. 02:39, 31 January 2019 (EST))

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