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Quote from Legacy:Drying Frame/talk
Trying to determine how long bear hide takes to dry, I put one on frame (note to self, the second one from the wall) around 23.50 my local time will post update when its dried.

-Vatas 2015-12-10 It would appear that bear hides take 24+ hours to dry. Boarhide timer 12.00 (sorry for using this page as notepad) -Vatas 2015-12-11

It's what talk pages are for, though you were writing this on a wrong page. Don't edit Legacy:<pagename> if you want to update for hafen, but instead edit the redirect from <pagename> . For example if you want to update drying frame, go to Drying Frame page, click edit and delete the redirect and update the page accordingly., but leave the legacy page as it was.--Asgaroth22 (talk) 07:39, 11 December 2015 (EST)

Carrying Speed Table

As requested. I might clean it up a bit later
--Rexz (talk) 06:38, 14 January 2020 (EST)

Liftable 43 STR 91 STR 173 STR
Spinning Wheel Crawl walk walk
Churn crawl walk run
Barrel(full) Crawl walk walk
Barrel(empty) Crawl walk walk
Clay Caludron Crawl walk walk
Herb Table Crawl walk walk
oldtrunk Crawl walk walk
boulder(1) crawl walk walk
rowboat(empty) crawl walk walk
wheelbarrow(empty) crawl walk walk
dugout crawl walk walk
log crawl walk walk
Stonethrone walk run sprint
table-stone crawl walk walk
Runestone crawl crawl walk

Thanks! Added a first column for liftable name so that other columns could just have move speed, didn't clean them all in case there's some trick to do it faster than manually delte every single one

--Vatas (talk) 08:12, 14 January 2020 (EST)

I just did it manualy, but for future reference, if you kept track of these things in Excel or Google Sheet, you can then export the table as a CSV file and then insert it into this website that MvGulik showed:
--Rexz (talk) 14:12, 14 January 2020 (EST)