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Armored Striders5318R
Badger Hide Vest75212L or 2R
Bat Wing25228L
Beaver Wrist Guards151213L
Boar Tusk Helmet30171L
Bone Greaves7545-37R
Boreworm Mask75211R
Bronze Helm4085-21L
Bronze Plate902015-72R
Chainmail Shirt1001515-52R
Chitin Helmet2502-11L
Cutthroat Cuirass80151522R
Dragon Helm20099-11L
Druid's Helm4584-11L
Grand Troll Helm250610-11L
Hirdsman's Helmet4564-21L
Horse Nomad's Helm504551L
Hussar's Wings3023108L; 6R
Leather Armor10045-12R
Leather Boots15138R
Leather Pants7534-27R
Mammoth Guard1201520-52R
Miner's Helm85241R
Plate Armor1002515-102R
Plate Boots75-28R
Plate Gauntlets3024-13L
Plate Greaves100188-107R
Plate Helmet6096-21L
Raider's Cap70641L
Ranger's Boots58338R
Thane's Helm9088-11L
Winged Helmet8410611L
Wooden Roundshield75314L or 4R

This category is used to list all clothing objects which provide armor to player characters when worn.

How armor works

If a piece of armor has class X/Y, it means that it can absorb X hitpoints without taking damage, and then absorb Y more hitpoints, subtracting them from its HP, before any damage is passed to a player.

If you have several pieces of armor equipped, their damageless absorption takes precedence, and any absorption that deals damage to the armor is dealt evenly over the pieces equipped.

For example, if you have leather armor (1/2), leather pants (also 1/2) and leather boots (0/2) equipped, each with at least 2 HP, and you take 5 points of damage, 2 points are absorbed damagelessly, and the three remaining points are distributed evenly, so that each piece takes one hitpoint of damage. It would take 9 points of damage or more from an attack to actually deal damage to the player. (by Loftar)

While moving your armor still provides full absorption but your defense bar is negated.

"Indeed. Since the new combat system, every attack has a certain armor penetration value, with unarmed attacks usually having larger such than melee attacks." - Loftar Aug 07, 2010