Druid's Helm

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Druid's Helm
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Metal Working, Druidic Rite
Object(s) Required Bar of Wrought Iron x3, Red Deer Antlers
Produced By Anvil, Smithy's Hammer
QL10 Equipment Statistics
Slot(s) Occupied 1L
AGI Bonus -1
Armor HP 45
Absorption X 8
Absorption Y 4
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A wrought iron helmet symbolizing your status as a druid.

Stat Formulas

Stat Formula
Wear [math]\frac{Vitality}{10} * 45[/math]
Deflection [math]\sqrt{\frac{Essence}{10}} * 5[/math]
Absorption [math]\sqrt{\frac{Substance}{10}} * 3[/math]
Agility Penalty [math]-\sqrt{\frac{Quality}{10}} * 1[/math]
  • Agi Penalty rounded to nearest integer