Druidic Rite

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Druidic Rite
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Druidic Rite
LP Cost 150000
Skill(s) Required Forestry, Hearth Magic
Skill(s) Enabled None
Required By Druid's Cloak, Druid's Helm, Druid's Ring, Mask of the Green Man
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In-Game Text

"By the first moon of the solstice,
Esthan brought swine to the Irminsul,
there hanging them for eight days,
Resting dead on soot-black branches."

You have walked the dark wilds, and seen the moon rise over shallow graves where the mandrake weeps. You enjoy the greatest possible yields when farming, planting trees, and unraveling silk cocoons.

What it does

Druidic Rite is the ultimate agriculture skill that every dedicated farmer ought to have. It allows you to get 15 seeds when harvesting most crops, assures a 100% chance of trees sprouting on a herbalist table, and allows you to always get 2 silk filaments when unraveling silkworm cocoons. It also unlocks recipes for Druid's Cloak and Druid's Helm.


  • In the legacy version of Haven & Hearth (all worlds before world 8) effects of this skill were attained by maximizing character's "Nature" -personal belief. This was mutually exclusive with maximized "Industry" which granted benefits now bestowed by Deep Artifice.
  • Druidic rite wasn't available at the initial launch of world 8 but was added in response to player feedback demanding way to gain benefits of Industry/Nature slider.