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Crops are plants that can be planted by a player for food or resources, which requires the skill Farming. Without a Bee Hive, plants will grow much slower than with a bee hive. This category lists the objects created when planting any seed.

About Crops

A list of crops currently in the game include:

Please note this table is incomplete; information may be missing or incorrect. These values are still based on old Haven & Hearth

Crop Field Planted with Additional Products and Information 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage
Barley Crop Seeds of Barley 5-18 Seeds of Barley, Straw - - 3-4 Days
Beetroot Crop Beetroot 1 Beetroots, 1 Beetroot Leaves (Stage 3)
1-4 Beetroots, 1-4 Beetroot Leaves, Weird Beetroot (Rarely) (Final Stage)
~18 Hours - 'Fastest reported': W-11: 2 Days 5 Hours 45 Minutes (No Hive.)

'Slowest reported': W-11: 2 Days 6 Hours 44 Minutes (No Hive.)

Carrot Crop Seeds of Carrot or Carrot 1 Carrot (Stage 3)
5-18 Seeds of Carrot (Stage 4)
1-4 Carrots (Final Stage)
~ ~ 'Fastest reported': 15 Hours 50 Minutes.

'Slowest reported': 40 Hours.

Cucumber Crop Seeds of Cucumber 5-18 Seeds of Cucumber, 1-3 Cucumbers - - 4 Days 8 Hours
Flax Crop Seeds of Flax 5-18 Seeds of Flax, Flax Fibre - - 2 Days
Grapes Crop Seeds of Grape 1-4 Grapes
Grown on Trellis
- - 4 Days 8 Hours
Hemp Crop Seeds of Hemp Fresh Hemp Bud (Stage 3)
5-18 Seeds of Hemp, Hemp Fibre (Final Stage)
- - 3 Days 4 Hours
Hops Crop Hop Cones 1-4 Hop Cones, Unusually Large Hop Cone (Rarely)
Grown on Trellis
- - -
Leek Crop Seeds of Leek or Leek 5-18 Seeds of Leek (Stage 4)
1 Leek (Stage 3)
1-4 Leeks (Final Stage)
- - 3 Days
Lettuce Crop Seeds of Lettuce 5-12 Seeds of Leek,
Head of Lettuce
(Creates 3 Lettuce Leaf and 5-7 Seeds of Lettuce when split)
~18Hours - 3 Days 8 Hours
Millet Crop Seeds of Millet - - - -
Pea Crop Peapod 1-4 Peapods
Grown on Trellis
- - 3 Days 15 Hours
Peppercorn Crop Peppercorn 1-4 Peppercorns
Grown on Trellis
- - -
Pipeweed Crop Seeds of Pipeweed 5-18 Seeds of Pipeweed, 1 Fresh Leaf of Pipeweed ~20 Hours. - -
Poppy Crop Seeds of Poppy 5-12 Seeds of Poppy, Poppy Flower (Stage 5)
5-24 Seeds of Poppy, Poppy Pod (Rarely) (Final Stage)
- - 3 Days 19 Hours
Pumpkin Crop Seeds of Pumpkin Giant Pumpkin
(Creates 40 Seeds of Pumpkin and 8 Pumpkin Flesh when split)
- - 5-7 days
Red Onion Crop Red Onion 1-4 Red Onions - - -
Turnip Crop Seeds of Turnip or Turnip 5-18 Seeds of Turnip (Stage 3)
2-4 Turnips (Final Stage)
- - -
Wheat Crop Seeds of Wheat 5-18 Seeds of Wheat, Straw - - 3 Days 10 Hours
Yellow Onion Crop Yellow Onion 1-4 Yellow Onions - - -


  • Times listed are in real-time and assume the use of a Beehive unless noted otherwise. They will also be affected by any bonuses from inside of a Realm and by the new 'Speed Crop' bonus (See below quote from the May 29th 2018 update.).
  • Wheat and Barley are unaffected by Beehives.
  • Stage 1 is the initial planted stage. Nothing can be done to any crop at this stage.
  • Poppies must sit 24 Hours or more in stage 5 (ready to harvest) before pods will start to appear instead of flowers.
  • A quote from Jorb, from Post Rose (2018-05-29) patch/update. "Made it so that crops no longer need to be harvested the second they finish in order [to] achieve their minimum cycle time. Whenever you destroy or harvest a crop the time the crop harvested had spent in the last growth stage is saved per tile or trellis. That time, up to a point, will then be added to your next planting on that tile. Do note that if you do not replant within a certain period, the retained time will be lost. Replanting within 3 RL days of the crop reaching its final growth stage should not lose you any time."
  • (Just in case: direct crops-table edit-link)