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From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Farming
Object(s) Required Block of Wood x3, String
Required By Cucumber Crop, Grapes Crop, Hops Crop, Pea Crop, Peppercorn Crop
Repaired With Block of Wood
Can be Lifted No
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The trellis is a supporting structure required to grow certain kinds of crops. It does not have a quality, and does not affect the quality of crops grown on it. It can be built on unpaved ground with the exception of sand.


The trellis has two interaction points, located on the two tiles on either side of it (perpendicular to its long axis). Although a hearthling can walk between two trellises on adjacent tiles, they will not be able to sow or harvest when standing between them. Make sure to leave a free tile on at least one side, as a trellis blocked on both sides by other objects cannot be used. There is one exception: another trellis. It is possible to place 3 functioning trellises on 1 tile, although harvesting from the middle trellis is difficult unless you are using a custom client.


The optimal set-up: 6 trellises next to each other. With a custom client, 3 can be accessed from each side.

Each number refers

  1. A free tile on one side
  2. Blocked both sides
  3. Free on both sides
  4. One of interaction points of ③

In-game Text

Certain plants -- notably Grapes -- cannot be grown except on a Trellis.

List of Crops Requiring a Trellis


  • (Terrain) Can't be build on Ice. (presuming it can only be build on ploughed ground, but that data is kinda missing from the page)