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Farming also refers to an incrementable ability.

LP Cost 400
Skill(s) Required Foraging
Skill(s) Enabled Beekeeping, Gardening, Plant Lore, Sausage Making, Silkfarming, Winemaking, Yeomanry
Required By Any Onion, Barley, Beetroot Leaves, Boiled Pepper Drupe, Carrot, Chef's Hat, Cucumber, Cured Pipeweed, Fresh Hemp Bud, Grapes, Head of Lettuce, Hops Cones, Lettuce Leaf, Peapod, Peppercorn, Pipestuff, Pipeweed, Pumpkin Flesh, Quern, Red Onion, Seeds of Carrot, Seeds of Poppy, Straw Basket, Straw Hat, Straw Twine, Trellis, Unusually Large Hop Cone, Weird Beetroot, Wheat Flour, Yellow Onion
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Farming and quality of seeds

The quality of planted crops is based upon the quality of the planted seed with a [-5, +5]([Verify]) random range limited by space, time, and the farmer's farming ability level. (needs [Verify]cation whether soil still affects crops, doesn't seem to)

  • Each batch of a crop which is planted in the same area (~2 minimaps), time (~5 hours), and of the same type (carrots, peas, barley, etc), will be given the same random quality modification uniformly, and planted tiles of that batch will thus all have their qualities affected in the same way. Each of the 3 qualities has its own modifier in this way, which oscillates between two random values over the course of the 5 hours.

Harvesting is not affected by the farming skill. However, it is affected by skills that add additional seeds - Gardening, Plant Lore and Druidic Rite; you will not get additional seeds if the harvesting character lacks these skills.

Crop byproducts, like Straw or Finer Plant Fibre, are of the same quality as the planted seed.

To maximize quality gain, it is advisable to take any given quality of seed and split it up into multiple plantings. With maximum skills, plants will yield three times their number in plantings-worth of seed. Planting in three phases, at least 5 hours apart [Verify] will give you three chances to score the +5. Whatever the results, the highest quality seed will be sufficient to repeat the planting. If expanding the crops is a priority, two plantings leaves enough seed to expand each planting by 50%. This method avoids the downside of a bad RNG result unless all three plantings roll poorly (which is unlikely). Therefore, doing this will consistently increase average seed quality, and thus product quality, over time.

In-Game Text

Watered by sweat there grew,
Golden in Autumn, that Spring,
Where winds did play and hide,
In sun-kissed Wheat and Barley.

Your hands lie heavy on plow and scythe, clawing in your palms the furrows of age and hard labor. You know how to till and plow, and how to plant seeds.

What it does

Farming lets you plant and harvest crops (except grape seeds, which need Winemaking), plant trees, plow fields, mill Flour, and craft Straw Hats. You need at least 5 of the same seed to plant.

Adventure > Landscaping > Hand Plow
  • Plows squares of furrowed soil that can be used to plant crops. Furrowed soil is not needed to plant trees, however. Plowing by hand uses more stamina than using the Plow item.
Build > Containers
Craft > Clothes & Equipment > Hats & Headwear
Craft > Processing & Materials

How to plant seeds

To plant seeds in a plowed field you must left click the seeds in your inventory and then right click on the plowed field you wish to plant them on. Holding down the "Shift" key takes the next item out of your inventory so you may keep on right-clicking for continuous planting. Wait until the crops are ready and harvest. The time required depends on the type of crop and what you want to harvest from it.

Using well-placed beehives will speed up this process.

In order plant faster, SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK on the seed in your inventory and click and drag on a plowed field. To harvest faster, SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK on a crop and click and drag to select an area to harvest.

Seed Stacking

As of Hafen, seeds of the same crop can stack (up to 50 in the inventory, 1000 in a bucket and 10000 in a barrel) if they have the same qualities. If you mix seeds with different qualities together, using a bucket or barrel, the resulting quality is:

[math] qStack = \left ( \frac{qSeed1 + qSeed2 + qSeed3 ... qSeedn}{n} \right ) [/math]

You can use this to raise the overall quality of your seeds of a given crop by sacrificing higher tier seeds.

About Crops

Please note this table is incomplete; information may be missing or incorrect. These values are still based on old Haven & Hearth

Crop Field Planted with Additional Products and Information  2 Stage   3 Stage   4 Stage 
Barley Crop Seeds of Barley Straw - - 3-4 Days
Carrot Crop Carrot, Seeds of Carrot Carrots (harvested based on their stage) 1 Day 12 Hours 2 Days 2 Days 14 Hours
Cucumber Crop Seeds of Cucumber Cucumber - - 4 Days 8 Hours
Beetroot Crop Beetroot Beetroot Leaves - - 2 Days
Flax Crop Seeds of Flax Flax Fibres - - 2 Days
Grapes Crop Seeds of Grape Grapes (result in seeds when eaten or pressed) - - 4 Days 8 Hours
Hemp Crop Seeds of Hemp Hemp Fibres, Fresh Hemp Bud (third stage) - - 3 Days 4 Hours
Hops Crop Hops Cones
- - -
Lettuce Crop Seeds of Lettuce Head of Lettuce (can be split into Lettuce Leaf, Seeds of Lettuce) - - 3 Days 8 Hours
Pea Crop Peapod
- - 3 Days 15 Hours
Peppercorn Crop Peppercorn
- - -
Pipeweed Crop Seeds of Pipeweed Fresh Leaf of Pipeweed - - -
Poppy Crop Seeds of Poppy Poppy Flower - - 3 Days 19 Hours
Pumpkin Crop Seeds of Pumpkin Giant Pumpkin (can be split into Seeds of Pumpkin, Pumpkin Flesh) - - 5-7 days
Red Onion Crop Red Onion
- - -
Yellow Onion Crop Yellow Onion
- - -
Wheat Crop Seeds of Wheat Straw - - 3 Days 10 Hours


  • Times listed are in real-time and assume use of a Beehive.
  • Stage 1 is the initial planted stage. Nothing can be done to any crop at this stage.