Poppy Garland

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Poppy Garland
Poppy Garland.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Farming, Metal Working
Object(s) Required Straw x8, Poppy Flower x6, Blood Stern x4
Symbel statistics
Base FEP modifier 1%
Base hunger modifier 9%
Base wear 10
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Poppy Garland can be placed on a table for decorative purposes, as well as to reduce hunger and increase how many FEPs are provided by foods when feasting.


  • Poppy Garland Quality = and is softcapped by .

  • Stats = .


  • Each use of the Table on which the Poppy Garland is placed can cause the Poppy Garland to degrade in quality. When its quality reaches 0, the Poppy Garland will be destroyed.
  • The Poppy Garland degrades rapidly compared to other Symbel items.
  • When combined with multiple items, the Poppy Garland offers a lesser hunger benefit.
  • The Poppy Garland is the fastest degrading Symbel item.