Metal Working

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Metal Working
Hafen-Metal Working.png
Metal Working
LP Cost 1000
Skill(s) Required Stone Working
Skill(s) Enabled Jewelry, Steelmaking
Required By Anvil, Bar of Bronze, Bar of Cast Iron, Bar of Gold, Bar of Silver, Bar of Wrought Iron, Boar Spear, Bronze Nugget, Bronze Steed, Bronze Sword, Cake Knife, Candelabrum, Cast Iron Nugget, Cast Iron Trivet, Copper Nugget, Crucible, Dragon Helm, Drinking Horn, Druid's Helm, Fancy Buckle, Flint & Steel, Frying Pan, Fyrdsman's Sword, Gold Nugget, Gold Plate, Golden Table Bell, Golden Tooth, Hard Metal Cutlery, Hard Metal Rivets, Hirdsman's Sword, Hunter's Belt, Large Chest, Metal Axe, Metal Buttons, Metal Hook, Metal Mug, Metal Plate, Metal Plow, Metal Saucière, Metal Saw, Metal Shovel, Miner's Helm, Nugget of Any Common Metal, Ore Smelter, Peppermill, Plate Armor, Plate Greaves, Scythe, Silver Cutlery, Silver Nugget... further results
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Metalworking is a powerful skill that allows you to make high-tiered tools, weaponry, and other objects using metal. These objects are more efficient and powerful. Metal working unlocks many recipes, including: Ore Smelter, Anvil, Smithy's Hammer and many others (all items and objects using metal require this skill [Verify]) It allows you to get more metal from smelting Ore.

In-Game Text

"Embers glow in a furnace,
A plow glows in the field,
Swords glow in battle"

You have learned how to smelt and forge the common metals, as well as how to build crucibles, anvils and smelters, provided you have found their requisite materials. You also discover slightly better ores when mining.

Metal Tree