Stone Working

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Stone Working
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Stone Working

LP Cost 200
Skill(s) Required Foraging
Skill(s) Enabled Metal Working, Mining
Required By Beer, Feather Trinket, Grave Cairn, Milestone, Potent Rod, Quern, Runed Dolmen, Runestone, Stone Casket, Stone Mansion, Stone Throne, Stone Tower, Well
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In-Game Text

"My grandfather's runestone was trapped in an unpleasant form. I have set it free."

Stoneworking gives you the ability to carve various objects out of boulders.

What it does

Stoneworking unlock the Mining skill, and stone paving ability.

Stoneworking allows you to make:

Also, it enables the Lay Stone Menu option.

(Adventure > Landscaping > Lay Stone) (See Paving)).