Charter Stone

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Charter Stone
Hafen-Charter Stone.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Stone Working ?
Object(s) Required Rock Crystal x4, A Beautiful Dream! x20, Stone x400, Bar of Any Metal x10
Can be Lifted No

Hit Points 30000
Soak Value 20
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Charter Stones may be used to teleport around the world. Anyone who knows a Charter Stone's name (password) may teleport to it from any other Charter Stone in the world.

The Charter Stone can always be deactivated and reactivated at the discretion of any villager with Manage territory privileges, should you need to turn it off. You can tell if it's active when the red core is lit. Turn it off simply by erasing its name and pressing enter. The core will become a dormant dull orange. The name can be changed at any time. An inactive Charter Stone can still be used to travel to other Charter Stones that are active.

Newly created characters can spawn at a Charter Stone instead of in the starting grid, if it is set to allow new characters (checkbox in the Set name window). They do this by entering the Charter Stone's name in the Charter Pole in the character creation world.

Charter Stones cannot be used by Outlaws, and are disabled entirely if the village's Claim Shield drops below 55000 HP.

How to Acquire

Charter Stones can only be built on existing village claims, on level and paved ground, and only by villagers with Manage territory Privileges. Only one may be built per village. A Charter Stone may only be built on the surface.


The look of Charter Stones differ based on the stone and metal used to create them. Any type of metal may be used which gives a wide variety of appearances.


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