From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required None
Produced By Boulder, Ore smelter, Cave, Mine Hole
Required By Bar of Soap, Border Cairn, Charter Stone, Cistern, Coronation Stone, Crabshell Sunfeather, Dry Stone Fence, Feather Sunfeather, Feather Trinket, Field Cairn, Fine Feather Brooch, Fireplace, Flint & Steel, Golden Cat, Granary, Grave Cairn, Great Hall, Grotesque Idol, Knarr Dock, Menhir, Milestone, Milling Machine, Oak Spire, Oven, Personal Claim, Petraglyph, Potter's Wheel, Primitive Doll, Rattle-Tattle-Talisman, Rock Lobster, Runed Dolmen, Seer's Stones, Statue of the Chieftain, Steel Crucible, Stone Arrow, Stone Axe, Stone Casket, Stone Column, Stone Mansion, Stone Table, Stone Throne, Stone Tower, Stonestead, Sublime Portico, Tar Kiln, Village Banner, Village Claim, Well, Wilderness Beacon, Windmill... further results
Damage 0
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Stones are used in the making of various items, as well as in the construction of many objects.

How to Acquire

Right-click a boulder and hit "Chip Stone".

All stone types can essentially be found as surface boulders, but these are "while supplies last" as they currently do not respawn. Depending on how close you are to a populated area like the spawn zone, you may have to rely on caves for your stone, which also hold all different stone types in veins. This requires the Mining skill.

Most stones have a quality of 10, but higher quality stones can be found by mining underground and as a byproduct of smelting quality slag.


  • Stone can be used to Pave.
  • Digging out a cellar produces a number of boulders of the stone type that is directly below in the cave layer. This could be used to get an infinite supply of a certain stone type by destroying and rebuilding the house. Cellars built on ore do not produce ore boulders and instead will find the closest stone type.
  • Ore also counts as stone and can thus be stacked into existing stone stockpiles and be used in recipes or construction.
  • Ore that fails to smelt into metal will always become gneiss.
  • Most buildings and objects that require stone will have texture of stone(s) used.
  • Crafts that require specific type of stone exist. Notable ones include Bone Clay(feldspar), Flint & Steel (flint), Fine Feather Brooch (Schist and Granite), Tafl Board (dolomite and basalt), Oak Spire (quartz) and Purple Pigment (cinnabar)

List of stones

Stone Vein
Basalt.png Basalt Vein-basalt.png
Hafen-Bat Rock.png Bat Rock Vein-Bat Rock.png
Cat Gold.png Cat Gold (Sometimes received when mining anything.)
Dolomite.png Dolomite Vein-dolomite.png
Feldspar.png Feldspar Vein-feldspar.png
Flint.png Flint Vein-flint.png
Gneiss.png Gneiss Vein-gneiss.png
Granite.png Granite Vein-granite.png
Hornblende.png Hornblende Vein-hornblende.png
Limestone.png Limestone Vein-limestone.png
Marble.png Marble Vein-marble.png
Porphyry.png Porphyry Vein-porphyry.png
Quartz.png Quartz Vein-quartz.png
Sandstone.png Sandstone Vein-sandstone.png
Schist.png Schist Vein-schist.png