Mine Hole

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Mine Hole
Hafen-Mine Hole.png
Vital statistics
Size 3 x 3
Skill(s) Required Mining
Object(s) Required Block of Wood x100, Board x30, Rope x15, Hardened Leather x10, Leather x20
Required By Cat Gold, Cavebulb, Ore, Stone
Repaired With ?
Can be Lifted No

Soak Value ?
"?" is not a number.
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Available metals are: Gold, Silver, Iron, Copper and Tin.

How to Acquire

A mine hole requires a 3x3 area to be built (needs to be paved if on surface).

A mine hole may be built anywhere (except on water). In order to place a mine hole near available ore, one should prospect the area first, however, it is not necessary. Prospecting requires Rustroot Extract to determine the location of an ore vein. If you don't have access to rustroot, building a mine may just take more underground labour before it digs up any ore.

When a minehole is built, it will create a square 7x7 area of free space in the layer below it. Mind that you shouldn't place a minehole directly over an ore vein, as it will destroy some of it clearing space for the ladder.


  • See Mining page if you want to know how to mine.
  • According to jorb: The minehole entrance (ladder) is a support with the same radius as a normal wooden support.

This means you can mine some tiles safely without having to build a support, thereby allowing to actually get some metal to construct one, if your mine hole was built over an ore node.

  • Mines can now be built everywhere, but it's not guaranteed there will be ore. Use Rustroot Extract to prospect for ore nodes and construct mineholes over them to have instant access to metal.
  • Since mine holes can be quite expensive early on it's usually a good idea to make sure there will be metals in the mine before you construct the mine hole.
  • A mine hole built inside your compound should be walled off with a Palisade or Brickwall as it is possible for raiders to tunnel into a mined area from elsewhere and gain entrance to a village or compound through an unsecured mine. It also may be a good idea NOT to store your metal that you smelt in the Mine Hole, since anyone can tunnel in and steal it, although it is unlikely and this can be avoided quite easily.
  • If you want to get the maximum amount of metal from your node, build the minehole away from the node and mine towards it; this prevents the minehole's area from deleting a part of the vein, saving you up to 49 tiles of ore.
  • A Minehole may be built inside of a Cellar. Note that doing so will only have the Minehole go to the level below the one the house is built on. Not below the level the cellar would technically be on.