Bar of Steel

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Bar of Steel
Bar of Steel.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Steelmaking
Object(s) Required Bar of Wrought Iron, Coal or Black Coal, Fuel
Produced By Steel Crucible
Required By Bar of Any Metal, Bar of Common Metal, Bar of Hard Metal, Battleaxe of the Twelfth Bay, Brickwall, Coinpress, Cutblade, Dragon Helm, Grand Troll Helm, Hirdsman's Sword, Hookah, Metal Plow, Plate Armor, Plate Boots, Plate Gauntlets, Plate Greaves, Plate Helmet, Sledgehammer, Strongbox, Thane's Helm
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Bar of Steel is a type of metal acquired from Mining and Smelting Metal Ores using buildings such as an Ore Smelter, Crucible, or Finery Forge. Due to the inherent dangers of mining and relative scarcity of ore, all types of metal are highly sought after. A Bar of Steel can be used to craft any tool or building requiring a Bar of Hard Metal, as well as any tool or metal requiring a Bar of Common Metal.

How to Acquire

See: Steelmaking.

Place up to two Bars of Wrought Iron and two Coal, or Black Coal into a Steel Crucible. Fuel the crucible with Wood Blocks, Branches, Boards, or Coal, then light it. With a full fuel meter, the crucible will burn for 12 hours (real time). In order to produce steel, the wrought iron and coal must remain in a continually lit crucible for 56 hours. If the crucible goes out during this time, or if all the coal is removed from it, the steelmaking process is reset.

When completed, you will receive 1 Bar of Steel for each Bar of Wrought Iron

The quality of steel is directly equal to quality of the wrought iron used, softcapped by following formula:

[math]\frac{_{q}Crucible + _{q}Charcoal + _{q}AvgFuel}{3}[/math]

Amount of Fuel needed

  • 9 charcoal, 18 branches, or 3 blocks w/ 3 branches will fill up a crucible for 12 hours.
  • 1 tick is 40 minutes.
  • 1 branch = 1 tick = 40 minutes
  • 1 Coal = 2 ticks = 80 minutes
  • 1 Block = 5 ticks = 320 minutes
  • Coal  : 9 for 12 hours, 42 for a full cycle.
  • Branches : 18 for 12 hours, 84 for a full cycle.
  • Blocks  : 3.6 for 12 hours, 16.8 for a full cycle.
  • Once a Bar of Steel is over 80% done, it will require no additional fuel, given that the crucible is full at that time.
  • This point should be exactly 44.8 hours into the Steelmaking process, meaning barely more than 12 hours remain.