Stone Tower

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Stone Tower
Stone Tower.png
Vital statistics
Size 7 x 7
Skill(s) Required Stone Working
Object(s) Required Stone x2000, Board x100, Block of Wood x80, Bar of Any Metal x10, Rope x10, Glass Pane x8
Repaired With Stone
Can be Lifted No
Can be Locked Yes
Hit Points 30000
Soak Value 30
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A Stone Tower is a constructable building (similar to the Log Cabin) which requires a large amount of resources, but has a lot of space. The sheer amount of resources required make it difficult to acquire for all but villages and the highly dedicated claim owner.

Stone Towers have 5 floors of a 7x7 space each; by digging a cellar on the ground floor, you can have a 6th floor of a 14x14 space.

Stone Tower color-chart.png


See Stone Mansion for a detailed explanation of how building materials relate to textures.

There are no windows visible on any inside floors.

How to Acquire

A stone tower needs a minimum flat area of 7x7 tiles. For help on how to flatten land and lay stone, see terraforming.

Like other buildings, a freshly constructed tower will start with very little soak which will slowly increase to full over the course of several real-time days.