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Vital statistics
Size 1 x 4
Skill(s) Required Carpentry
Object(s) Required Log
Produced By Bone Saw or Saw
Required By Archery Target, Barrel, Barter Stand, Battering Ram, Bee Skep, Bucket, Catapult, Cellar, Cheese Rack, Cheese Tray, Chicken Coop, Churn, Cistern, Cloth Chair, Coal, Coffer, Cottage Throne, Crate, Cupboard, Display Sign, Everglowing Ember, Extraction Press, Fiddle & Bow, Fine Sofa, Garden Shed, Great Hall, Hitching Post, Knarr, Large Chest, Log Cabin, Loom, Lute, Meatgrinder, Mine Hole, Oven, Packrack, Potter's Wheel, Rocking Chair, Rope Walk, Rowboat, Rustic Chair, Spinning Wheel, Stone Tower, Study Desk, Sturdy Bed, Tafl Board, Tanning Tub, Timber House, Tiny Abacus, Wagon... further results
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The quality of the boards depends on the quality of the tree, the quality of your Saw, and your Carpentry skill level.

How to Acquire

Right click on a Log while having either a Saw or Bone Saw equipped and the option "Make boards" appears. A metal saw can make more boards out of one log than a bone saw. However, it is often easier to get a high quality bone saw than it is to get an equal quality metal saw, so sometimes a bone saw is still desirable when you want quality Boards.


Your Carpentry skill acts as a softcap for board quality. The formula for board quality is as follows:

[math]\operatorname{_{q}Board} = \sqrt{_{q}Saw * _{q}Wood}[/math]

If (Carpentry < board quality) then [math]\operatorname{_{FinalQ}Board} = \frac{_{q}Board + Carpentry}{2}[/math]

Example (q10 Tree, q50 saw, 3 Carpentry)

board ql = sqrt(50 * 10)

board ql = 22.36

board ql = (22.36 + 3) / 2

board ql = 25.36 / 2

board ql = 12.68

board ql = 12