From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Object(s) Required Towercap Spore
Required By Towercap Spore
Terrain Cave
Bark N/A
Branches N/A
Logs 3
Blocks (Stone/Metal) 37/46
Boards (Bone/Metal) 11/19
Seed 10 Towercap Spore
Boughs N/A
Other N/A

Towercap is one of the many Trees found in the hearthlands. While trees are one of the most plentiful resources, it is also one of the most important ones.
Some of the most basic materials a hearthling will require, such as Boards, Wood Block, Boughs, and Branches can only be found on trees.

How to Acquire

Every tree can be grown from its seed, using a Treeplanter's Pot.

Towercaps are giant mushrooms the size of Trees, and for most purposes function like them. They are cultivated in Treeplanter's Pots, and then planted in the ground. However, unlike normal trees, they must be planted in Caves and give no sticks, bark, or boughs.

Further, preliminary results indicate that they require 3x or more the growth time of other trees. This is likely due to Towercaps using the same growth time as other trees, but because caves do not count as forest biome, they will always grow at the speed that other trees do before they convert the biome beneath them to forest.

Towercaps now work as minesupports. They develop a support radius gradually as they grow up, and have, when fully grown, the radius of 9 tiles.

Caution: Chopping towercap will immediately cause a cave-in to occur if they have prevented a cave in, even if all tiles are supported by other supports.

Towercap Wood

Towercap wood is brownish.