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Satiation reworked as of Feasting Leonardo (2019-12-11) patch.


From Ring of Brodgar
Vital statistics
Size 2 x 1
Skill(s) Required Lumberjacking
Object(s) Required Tree
Produced By Stone Axe, Metal Axe, OR Woodsman's Axe
Required By Block of Wood, Board, Cruel Splinter, Old Trunk
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You can chop a log into Blocks of Wood with an Axe, or saw it into Boards with a Metal Saw or Bone Saw. You need Carpentry to obtain boards.

How to Acquire

Right click on a Tree, select the "Chop" option to chop it down.

Afterwards, a Stump will remain which can be removed by using Adventure > Destroy. A destroyed stump will drop four Blocks of wood.

For more detailed information on log provision log production, see the Tree page


  • When crafting a log into blocks or boards, make sure the 2x2 area around the log is clear as the created blocks and boards are created on the ground. Being too close to a tree or other immovable structures may leave you with some inaccessible blocks or boards.
  • When chopping down a tree, the produced tree logs will fall away from the lumberjack.
  • Animals, such as Boars, Aurochs, and Mouflon, can damage logs that are blocking their path.