From Ring of Brodgar
LP Cost 150
Skill(s) Required Foraging
Skill(s) Enabled Carpentry
Required By Beaver Salvage, Block of Mirkwood, Block of Wood, Cruel Splinter, Log, Oak Spire, Old Stump, Old Trunk, Strange Root, Stump, Woodsman's Token
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Lumberjacking is one of the many skills you can get once you start the game. It allows you to cut down trees and remove Stumps with a Stone Axe or a Metal Axe. Removing stumps with a Wooden Shovel or Metal Shovel is significantly faster than using an axe though. Lumberjacking is also required to chop blocks of wood from logs.

In-Game Text

"Birch, and Elm, and Yew, and Fir,
Nine and one,
He fell them all,
Ash, and Beech, and Larch, and Pine."

You have learned how to use an axe to fell and prepare trees. Remember that stumps can be dug out with shovels.