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LP Cost 25
Skill(s) Required Oral Tradition
Skill(s) Enabled None
Required By Bloated Bolete, Blueberries, Candleberry, Chantrelles, Chiming Bluebell, Dewy Lady's Mantle, Edelweiß, Four-Leaf Clover, Glimmermoss, Gray Clay, Lady's Mantle, Parasol Mushroom, Peculiar Flotsam, Rainbowpad, Royal Toadstool, Spindly Taproot, Strawberry, Tangled Bramble, Washed-up Bladderwrack, Yellowfeet
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This skill uses Perception and Exploration to be able to see various plants, herbs, roots and berries that you can pick. This Skill also allows you to raid ant hills.

In-Game Text

"Full in her pride she stood,
Blossoming throught spring and autumn,
Wild with fruit and harvest-flowers."

You know a thing or two about the wild plants of the land, and can see and pick a lot of them if you find them. Increasing your "Perception" and "Exploration" values will help you find more Forageables, but Forageables can only ever be found when fate allows.


  • The frequency of finding herbs is based on the multiplication of the viewer's Perception and Exploration skills (commonly called Per * Exp).
  • The quality of the herbs is based on their quality nodes which are different for each herb. When picking up herbs their qality will be Hardcapped by the gatherer's Survival skill.
  • There is a minimum value (required Per*Exp, see above) to start spotting each foragable good. Higher stats will increase the spotting chance, up to 4 times the minimum value, at which point all forageables of that type will be seen.
  • It appears that whether forageable item is visible is calculated the moment it gets inside your sight range, and it's random with the chance depending on your Exploration * Perception value. It is possible that item becomes visible, and then "disappears" when you move out of sight range and come back. It simply means that you were less lucky with RNG the second time you came within range of the item, and it may appear again if you move away from sight range and come back. In other words - it seems that items don't have specific difficulty value set at spawn time, and instead it's randomly generated (ranging from base value to 4 * base value) separately for each character, each time it comes within range.
  • Fate forageables are not always seen even when their requirement for perc*explo is met. There are other, unknown factors that affect them.

Table of Perception x Exploration collectables

Your forage level is defined as your perception stat times your exploration level.

The following table refers to the "levels" at which forageables are visible. There appear to be 100 levels of gradiation between the "First Seen" and "All Seen" levels, but this is unconfirmed.

It is known that you will start seeing forageables when your forage level is half of the forageable's base level and you will see all of a particular forageable when your forage level is double the base level. Quoting Loftar: "Rustroot's base level is 1000. Which means you'll start seeing them at 500 and see all of them at 2000." [Verify]

 First SeenBase LevelAll SeenTerrain
Spindly Taproot102040Beechgrove
Lady's Mantle80160320Bog
Dewy Lady's Mantle80160320Swamp
Peculiar Flotsam110220440Water Terrain
Bloated Bolete110220440Forest
Four-Leaf Clover130260520Grassland
Parasol Mushroom154308616
Royal Toadstool210420840Swamp
Washed-up Bladderwrack2505001,000Beach
Gray Clay2705401,080Shallow Water
Tangled Bramble2805601,120Mudflat
Chiming Bluebell4148281,656Moor
Giant Puffball5001,0002,000