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From Ring of Brodgar

Forest terrain are the tiles bears, boars and deer spawn on, as well as is the main source of wood.

There are two major categories of Forest Terrains, Deciduous, or Broadleaf, and Coniferous, or Needleleaf. Splitting it further, the following terrains can all be considered "Forest" terrains, but this is not an extensive list, and other terrains could fall under the category of forest. They all end up falling under either one of the main categories depending on the main types of trees which can be found in them: Sombre Bramble, Deep Tangle, Pine Barren, Root Bosk, Beech Grove, Lichen Wold, Leaf Patch, Leaf Detritus, Moss Brush, Oak Wilds, Timber Land, Wald and Shady Copse.

In-Game Example(s)

What can be found on Forest Terrain?

requires the skill Foraging:

Broadleaf Forest

These trees will grow fastest if they are planted in the Broadleaf forest.

Conifer Forest

These trees will grow fastest if they are planted in the Conifer forest.