Stinging Nettle

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Stinging Nettle
Stinging Nettle.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Foraging
Minimum Per*Exp 25
Terrain Forest
Object(s) Required None
Specific Type of Salad Greens, Flower
Required By Cucumber Salsa, Horrible Knot, Nettle Pants, Nettle Shirt, Stinging Poultice, Stinging Salad, (Salad Greens: Autumn Steak, Broiled Burbot, Chicken Salad, Crab Cakes, Escargots d'Amour, Molehill, Rabbit Food, Red-Shred Salad, Seal Burger, Spicy Salad, Swan Neck, Unbaked Greenleaf Pie), (Flower: Bouquet of Flowers)
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Stinging Nettle is an herb which can be found growing in forest terrain. A minimum of 25 Perception*Exploration is needed to find Stinging Nettle, making it one of the first plants a hearthling can find.

  • Stinging Nettles can be used as string, with the sole exception of nettles not being usable as a fishing line.
  • Stinging Nettles are used in a few recipes, such as Nettle Pants and Nettle Shirt.


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