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A Stockpile is a compact storage for similar types of items, such as Stone and Soil. It can be created by left-clicking a compatible item in your inventory, then right clicking in the world to change that item into a place-able stockpile. Left clicking on the ground will place the stockpile where your mouse is.

Right clicking an existing stockpile will bring up a GUI showing how many items are in the stockpile currently, as well as the maximum amount that stockpile can hold. You cannot see which type of items are in the stockpile. For example, a Block of Wood stockpile will only show total number of blocks, NOT whether each block is Maple, Birch, etc.

Various stockpiles can hold varying amounts. For example, a soil stockpile can hold up to 250 items, while a Bark stockpile can only hold 30.

Stockpiles can also be utilized in various ways:

  • A Soil stockpile placed on a Survey will be used in place of the hearthling's inventory, with dug soil being instead added to the stockpile, and soil taken from the stockpile to fill in places to raise. Stone can also be used in a similar fasion with the stone being used to fill the terrain. However, Soil will not be added to a Stone stockpile if placed on a Survey.
  • If a stockpile is close enough to the hearthling while building an object, material will be taken from the stockpile for building. A building will only use stockpiles that are in a one tile radius. Even if a stockpile seems to be 2 tiles away, if atleast one pixel of that stockpile is in the radius, the materials will be used up. This radius also means stockpiles that are diagonally 1 tile away will still be used.

Note that for some stockpiles, more items can be stored in a single square. For example, only 25 bars of metal can be stored in a stockpile, but 64 bars of metal can be stored in a Cupboard. The Cupboard will also have the advantage that you can see at a glance which metals are available, and the qualities of each.

Stockpile Type Capacity Also accepts
Bar of Any Metal 25 All types of Metal
Bark 30 Birchbark
Beetroot 60
Block of Wood 80 All types of Block of Wood
Board 30 All types of Board
Bone 40 All types of Bone Material
Bough 40 All types of Bough
Branch 60
Brick 80 All types of Brick
Coins 50 Contains 5000 of any coin
Carrot 60
Cavebulb 35
Clay 80 All types of Clay
Cloth 40 All types of Cloth
Coal 100
Feather 75 any Feather
Fish 30 any Fish
Flax Fibre 45
Flower 35 any Flower
Green Kelp 250
Hemp Fibre 45
Hide 30 Any Raw Hides and Prepared Animal Hides
Hop Cones 60
Leaves 250 Lettuce Leaf, Beetroot Leaves, Leaf
Leather 45 Hardened Leather
Leek 35
Lettuce 35
Nugget of Any Metal 25
Ore 75
Pear 30
Petrified Seashell 35
Pipeweed 30
Pumpkin 30
Quince 30
River Pearl Mussel 50
Rope 25
Sand 250
Snow 40
Soil 250 Earthworm
Stone 70 Slag, Any Ore
Straw 250
Trash 80 Entrails, Intestines, Pumpkin Flesh
Turnip 35
Wool 45 Mohair