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Birch Bark

From Ring of Brodgar
Birch Bark
Birch Bark.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required None
Produced By Birch Tree
Specific Type of Treebark
Required By Barkboat, Birchbark Backpack, Birchbark Bream, Birchbark Kuksa, (Treebark: Bark Reinforcement, Beige Pigment, Tanning Fluid, Unbaked Bark Bread, Wicker Picker)
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Birch Bark (a bark taken from Birch Trees) is used to make Kuksa, Barkboats, and a few other Birch Bark-specific items. Birch Bark can be use as substitute for normal bark.

How to Acquire

Find a birch tree. They have white tree trunks and a fluffy, bright green crown. Right-click on the tree to bring up the option "Take bark".