Prepared Animal Hide

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Prepared Animal Hide
Hafen-Prepared Animal Hide.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Object(s) Required Any Dried Hide or Hide Patch of:
Adder Hide, Aurochs Hide, Badger Hide, Bat Hide, Bear Hide, Beaver Hide, Boar hide, Boreworm Hide, Cave Angler Scales, Cow Hide, Fox Hide, Goat Hide, Grey Seal Hide, Hedgehog Skin, Horse Hide, Lynx Hide, Mammoth Hide, Mole Hide, Moose Hide, Mouflon Hide, Otter Hide, Pigskin, Rabbit Fur, Red Deer Hide, Reindeer Hide, Sheepskin, Squirrel Hide, Squirrel Tail, Troll Hide, Walrus Hide, Wildgoat Hide, Wildhorse Hide, Wolverine Hide
Required By Bagpipe, Custom Image Sketch, Drum & Sticks, Feather Band, Fur Boots, Fur Cloak, Hide Layer, Parchment, Poor Man's Gloves, Potent Rod, Rough Guard Patch, Still Life, Stinging Poultice, Wanderer's Bindle, Waterskin, Woodsman's Ushanka
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Prepared Animal Hide is not an actual object, but refers to any Dried Hides. Any of these can be used in the recipes that require a Prepared Animal Hide, and to make Leather.

Each inventory space that the hide takes up represents 1 Prepared Animal Hide. Hides can be split up into patches by right-clicking them. Hides that take up more inventory spaces than a crafting recipe requires, will be automatically split up and the remainder returned.


  • Some recipes, like the Bear Cape, require a whole hide, so in these cases splitting it up effectively ruins the hide.
  • Hide patches cannot be turned into leather.