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Custom Image Sketch

From Ring of Brodgar
Custom Image Sketch
Custom Image Sketch.png
Vital statistics
Size 1 x 1
Skill(s) Required Painting
Object(s) Required Linseed Oil, Prepared Animal Hide x2, Pigments
Produced By hand
Required By Battle Standard, Face Cutout Standee, Foldup Sign, Heraldic Cape, Painting (Item), Plain Tabard, Signboard, Standing Flag, Wooden Roundshield
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A painting used to customize Village Banners, Battle Standards, Plain Tabards, Heraldic Capes, Wooden Roundshields, Barter Stands, Knarr Flags, Paintings and your house's walls. The amount of Linseed oil required is based on the number of "fields" in an image, and the amount of pigments are based on what percentage of colors are used. Paintings will also have a Psyche requirement to craft, based on the number of "contours". The requirements for a painting will be displayed on the upload page. Impolite, rude, copy righted and offensive images may be replaced with candy and ponies at dev discretion.


While pigments have qualities, this item does not. It is unlikely it contributes to the quality of finished products that use it.

Custom images sketches were added in update Coat of Many Colors (2015-10-27).

Uploaded images must not exceed 512x512 pixels, and are stored as squares with (2^n)x(2^n) size edges, ie: 512x512, 256x256, 128x128 and so on. uploading images of different size will result in stretching/compressing to the closest dimensions.


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