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LP Cost 2000
Skill(s) Required Hearth Magic
Skill(s) Enabled None
Required By Battle Standard, Custom Image Sketch, Easter Egg, Easter Egg (Blue), Easter Egg (Green), Easter Egg (Pink), Easter Egg (Red), Glass Beads, Heraldic Cape, Plain Tabard, Stained Glass Heart
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All painting related recipes can be found in:

Icon keyboard.pngCraft > Processing & Materials > Pigments & Imagery
The pigment colors, as they are displayed on artwork. This is your palette.

The Painting skill is required to craft custom sketches, which can be applied to some in-game objects.

Images can be uploaded on your account page, and then brought up for crafting in-game through Paint Sketch. Each sketch needs 2 dried hides, as well as 0.05 L of Linseed Oil per colour field, and various amounts of pigments depending on the colours. You also need a high enough Psyche to craft the sketch, determined by the amount of contours (0.5 PSY per contour), so complex images may be impossible for your character to craft.

After crafting the sketch, the objects to use it on need to be crafted with the sketch in your inventory. Make sure it is, because some things, such as a Shield, can be crafted without a sketch, resulting in the generic texture. To apply or reapply a sketch to a Barter Stand, hold the sketch and right-click the ownership sign. The sketch is always consumed.

Sketchbook Page (store item)

These allow you to circumvent all requirements to instantly craft any image into an in-game sketch, regardless of items or psyche needed.
They can be bought for real currency from the store page.


Colour Amount Recipe HEX code
Red Pigment.png Red Pigment 20 Poppy Flower x2, Entrails Red - #f01432
Orange Pigment.png Orange Pigment 30 Pumpkin Flesh x3, Tar (0.10 L) Orange - #dc5a1e
Yellow Pigment.png Yellow Pigment 25 Bittersweet Nightshade Berries, Bone Glue x2 Yellow - #e6dc32
Green Pigment.png Green Pigment 30 Fresh Leaf of Pipeweed, Bone Glue Green - #32b419
Turquoise Pigment.png Turquoise Pigment 15 Slag, Chicken Egg Turquoise - #5abebe
Blue Pigment.png Blue Pigment 25 Blueberries, Bone Glue Blue - #2828e6
Purple Pigment.png Purple Pigment 5 Cinnabar x2, Chicken Egg Purple - #be2882
White Pigment.png White Pigment 20 Wheat Flour (0.10 kg), Milk (0.10 L) White - #dcdcdc
Black Pigment.png Black Pigment 40 Ashes (0.20 kg), Solid Fat Black - #1e1e1e


  • Added in update "Samhain"
  • Linseed Oil is obtained by pressing Flax Seeds in an Extraction Press.
  • Because there are only 9 basic colours and no transitions, uploaded images will be simplified to the nearest matching basic colours. You can preview how they will look on in-game objects on the uploads page.
  • Uploaded images must not exceed 512x512 pixels, and are stored as squares with (2^n)x(2^n) size edges, ie: 512x512, 256x256, 128x128 and so on. uploading images of different size will result in stretching/compressing to the closest dimensions.

Modifying an image to Haven's palette with Gimp

Gimp is a free image editing program which can be downloaded at First, make your own palette using only Haven colors. A guide for that can be found here: Then set the picture mode to indexed (, using your palette and color dithering to Floyd-Steinberg. Using this method, you can make almost any image look good in the game.